Surfing in El Salvador, fantastic Pacific Ocean waves.

Nowadays, Surfing in El Salvador is trending. Usually, when people talked about surfing locations, El Salvador was not one of the most desired destinations, however, now as of 2020, that has changed. When it comes to surfing spots in the American Continent, you can’t overlook El Salvador anymore.

El Salvador is a small country; nonetheless, it has excellent Pacific Ocean surfing destinations for all types of surfers. In this country, you will find magnificent waves to surf almost the entire year.

Surfing in El Salvador

Why can’t you overlook El Salvador surfing anymore?

Well, El Salvador has always had spectacular surf spots; however, the reason the country was overlooked was due to everything else, specifically crime and violence, but now the country is changing.

Nayib Bukele, the current president of El Salvador, took office in June 2019. Two of the main objectives of his administration are, to make the country safer by implementing his territorial control plan or Plan Control Territorial in Spanish and create Surf City to increase tourism.

Territorial control plan or Plan Control Territorial.

Unquestionably, Nayib Bukele’s security plan is working thus far. Since he took office in June 2019, the country has had the safest months since the civil war ended in 1991.


Also, another sign that the president’s plan is working is that the U.S. State Department reduced the travel-safety warning for El Salvador to 2 from 3.

Additionally, since he took office, the number of murders has decreased immensely. Visit our Nayib Bukele’s security plan page to get more information about his safety plan.

Surf City, President’s Bukele plan to increase tourism.

During his presidential campaign, Nayib Bukele kept on saying that El Salvador needed a plan to increase surf tourism. His idea was to designate a large portion of the Pacific coastline as the “Surf City National Tourism Zone.”

It is safe to say that Surf City is working as El Salvador was selected to host the historic edition of the 2020 ISA World surfing games. These surfing games are the last Olympic qualifiers for Tokyo 2020, and it will take place on May 9 to the 17 at Surf City El Salvador.

Here is a video from the International Surfing Association or ISA about Surf City.

About Surfing in El Salvador.

If you are looking for a new surf spot with fantastic right-hand breaks, consider going to the small country of El Salvador.

The country is slowly but surely gaining the reputation of having some of the best surf spots in the American Continent. In fact, professional surfers from many countries travel to El Salvador and enjoy the near-perfect waves it offers.

Another reason not to overlook El Salvador surfing is the accessibility to the country and the surf spots. The country is about a 5-hour flight or less from New York, Washington, Houston, Miami, or Los Angeles.

Also, El Tunco beach, El Zonte beach, and El Sunzal beach, three of the top surf spots in El Salvador, are within an hour of the Salvadoran international airport. I am sure you will not have difficulties getting to the country of the surf spots.


Why many surfers like Surfing in El Salvador.

These are some of the reasons people enjoy surfing in El Salvador, the waves, the beaches, the cost, and the people.

The waves, in El Salvador, almost the entire year, you will find excellent Pacific Ocean waves for surfing. Obviously, they are better during the wet season or winter.

The beaches, the top surf spots in El Salvador are ideal for all types of visitors. If you want a fantastic surfing beach with a party atmosphere, head to El Tunco Beach or El Sunzal beach. On the other hand, if you want a more relaxed atmosphere, go to El Zonte beach, Las Flores beach, or Punta Mango beach.

The cost, visiting El Salvador is not expensive; at the best surf spots in El Salvador you will find great accommodations starting at $10.00 per night. Also, food does not cost as much as other countries in Central America. For sure, the most significant expense you are going to have is getting to the country.

The People of El Salvador are friendly, especially in tourist locations. Locals at these spots will go out of the way to help you with whatever you might need; even if they don’t know you.

Travel to El Salvador and visit one of the top surfing spots in the country, I am sure you will have a fantastic time. Also, if you have the time, visit one of the other beaches in El Salvador.



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