Nayib Bukele Receives Credentials as President-Elect of El Salvador

By Karla Ramos  |  Mar 1st, 2024
President Nayib Bukele

Once again, hundreds of Salvadorans gathered in the San Salvador Historic District to witness and become part of another historic event in Salvadoran History.

Inside the Salvadoran National Theater, Nayib Bukele and Felix Ulloa received their credentials as newly elected president and vice-president of El Salvador. It’s the first time in over 60 years that presidential re-election has occurred in El Salvador.

The Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) issued credentials, officially certifying them as the re-elected president and vice president for the period spanning 2024 to 2029.

Nayib Bukele and Felix Ulloa
Nayib Bukele and Felix Ulloa with new credentials.

“Thank you, Salvadoran people. We will serve you with love and humility, with total dedication to achieve your well-being. […] We are here to revive El Salvador, what happened this afternoon is the crowning of a totally democratic, participatory process,” wrote vice-president-elect Felix Ulloa on his X (Formerly Twitter) account.

Nine of the ten TSE judges attended the ceremony to certify the results of the presidential elections. Magistrate Julio Olivo was absent. He was also the only magistrate who did not sign the official credentials given to Bukele and Ulloa.

Martínez de Barahona, president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, asserted that the credentials were delivered in “absolute adherence to the popular will, massively and democratically expressed in the 2024 elections.”

The event was attended by government cabinet officials, deputies from the New Ideas political party, and foreign dignitaries.

After completing the credentials presentation event, Nayib Bukele appeared with his wife Gabriela on the balcony of the National Theater and greeted the supporters gathered outside the National Theater.

Bukele and Ulloa’s Massive Victory

On February 18, the TSE ratified the victory of Nayib Bukele in the February 4 presidential elections, which gave the current president and vice-president 84.6% of the valid votes totaling more than 2.7 million.

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In the initial round, the New Ideas presidential ticket secured 2,700,725 votes, constituting 84.6% of the total. The leftist Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) garnered 204,167 votes, equivalent to 6.40%, while the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) received 177,881 votes, representing 5.57%.