In a surprising twist, the “visionary” Simpsons tried their hand at digital money

Since cryptocurrency first broke into the market with Bitcoin as a leader, everyone from all walks of life tossed around opinions and expectations about digital money. Not only are there numerous methods that promise to help interested parties gain insights and predict the future of a cryptocurrency but, according to Binance, a significant number of investors with newbies on top have dipped their toes into the crypto waters after hearing speculations, forecasts, interpretations, and other similar spreadable info.

The world of cartoons and animations slowly started to navigate the crypto waters, with the Simpsons making the most explosive strides and debuting with episodes centered around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. Throwing light on the complexities of the crypto world that can overwhelm even the tech and finance buffs, The Simpsons also features predictions of the involved assets. Just like they’ve used the audience, the crew behind the episodes closely monitored the market. The Simpsons are known and famous for making predictions that, in spite of seeming absurdly improbable and unfeasible, turned to reality in one way or another. The creators have eerily forecasted inventions like Facetime and smartwatches, Disney’s acquisition of Fox, political events like Donald Trump’s presidency, and the list is strangely longer than this. More or less, the forecasts made last year seem to cement into the real world, so let’s throw a closer look into the facts they tabled and visually exhibited to the world – a rather brave and unconventional move from a cartoon company to date.

An episode gradually took Merge through unraveling NFTs

On the 5th of November 2023, the production behind the worldwide famous animation show released the “Wild Barts Can’t Be Token” episode, where references about Beeple and Bored Ape Yacht Club as real-life NFT collections were made and took the world aback. These two weren’t the only denominations to make their presence throughout the series, as many others have been mentioned.

An NFT token collector named Noah Bolanowski remarked that the creators befriended digital art and suggested that the profile picture (PFP) collections exhibited by the comics resembled the “bottom of a blockchain.” Additionally, Merge’s engagement with crypto took the form of three phases. The journey starts with a scenario that displays digital art with masterpieces from NFT artists XCOPYART and Beeple, followed by the character’s stumbling upon cats from the popular Cryptokittens collection, and ends with her meeting digital avatars.

Needless to say, numerous speculations, connections, and commentaries have arisen in the wake of the remarkably unconventional crypto-centric series streamlined.

The creators tabled Bitcoin price predictions

The Simpsons have once again piqued the interest and curiosity of the world; this time betting on a Bitcoin resurgence and achievement of widespread success in 2024. In a last-year episode, creators scripted a Bitcoin-focused dialogue between characters where they’d ask each other their opinions on the future of the leading cryptocurrency. The speech has drawn a lot of attention from viewers, publications, social media participants, crypto buffs, and more, and since 2024 has finally commenced, the awaiting is more burning than ever.

Social media threads and conversations emphasize a breakthrough of the reigning digital coin every half a decade, coming stronger this year than in past performances. Possibly, The Simpsons draw their inspiration from the historical performances of the primary crypto, which show that once every four to five years, it undergoes a “halving,” or mining reward reduction process, followed by enormous price hikes.

Possibly, some aspiring investors who are yet to be familiar with Bitcoin and the crypto world will gain the courage to take a leap of faith and consider the Simpsons’ forecasts, getting hold of the reigning asset with more confidence.

Satoshi Nakamoto has also been on the crew’s radar

In one of the Simpsons’ episodes that made reference to crypto through Bitcoin, the creators had Satoshi Nakamoto, the latter’s developer, as the main theme. The mysterious entity behind the asset’s invention has spurred a lot of intrigue in the crypto sphere and beyond, and understandably, the Simpsons refrained from making any obvious statement or subtly suggesting any idea.

Generally, speculations go to the lengthiest lengths, going as far as linking Bitcoin’s inventor with government agencies such as the CIA, Chinese authorities, or leaders like Putin. Simply alluding to possessing inside info and knowledge about the inceptions of Bitcoin and its enigmatic architect is enough to raise the community’s eyebrows and spur intrigue.

XRP, a top contender at those times, also served as a motif

Predictions about XRP, a crypto asset with a market cap worth over $3B USD, also made an episode stand out. Consecutively bringing the asset into the discussion, Bart Simpson made numerous allusions to the number “589”, which fans saw as a prophetic stance on the future value of XRP. As this one ranked among the top-performing ones, enthusiasts gained hope for its future, and skeptical investors started to see more potential in it.

Whether the Simpsons’ predictions about a bright future for XRP are bound to turn into reality remains to be seen. To date, it’s clear that it has a prominent position among its contenders and that the Simpsons’ favorable speculations only add to the FOMO and hype around it.

In a nutshell 

The creators behind the Simpsons have for long accommodated viewers with prescient predictions. Lately, in an unexpected turn, the forward-thinking and trendsetting Simpsons tried their luck with crypto and NFTs. The last one focused on the reigning crypto, Bitcoin, and suggested mainstreamness and a glorious future for it, triggering floods of threads and conversations in social media and beyond.

Crypto buffs hold hope that the creators’ visions will align with reality, given their renowned prophetic prowess and predictions for Bitcoin and XRP will come actual one day. Whether their visions will show roots in reality will be determined over time, and it will once again be an exciting journey to follow and finalize.