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El Salvador Mega Prison

Local communities in Tecoluca San Vicente displeased with the new Mega-Prison center location


Local communities near the new El Salvador mega-prison in Tecoluca San Vicente are unhappy with the Bukele administration. Since construction began in June, local communities have complained to the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, and other local officials for not consulting them when deciding on the construction. “It is … Read more

Apaneca El Salvador

Apaneca El Salvador. Charming Town in Ahuachapan

Apaneca El Salvador is a municipality in the department of Ahuachapan; it is a mountainous area of 45.13 square kilometers. Apaneca is located at an elevation of 1,486 meters above sea level. The municipality of Apaneca is a top tourist destination, high up in the mountains. It combines adventure, gastronomy, … Read more

The peace route in El Salvador

The Peace Route in El Salvador. Memorializing the Country’s Civil War

The peace route in el Salvador or Ruta de la Paz is a touristic route that takes you through many small towns in the department of Morazan, which played a significant role during the Salvadoran Armed conflict. The department of Morazan was the main guerilla stronghold or main base of … Read more

Marijuana in El Salvador

Marijuana in El Salvador. Is Marijuana Legal in El Salvador?

Is weed legal in El Salvador? No, it is not. Salvadoran laws say that it is illegal to produce, sell, and carry any kind of marijuana product in El Salvador, either for medicinal or recreational purposes. Weed is illegal in El Salvador; possession of any type of cannabis has severe … Read more

San Salvador Historic District

Downtown San Salvador. Exploring the San Salvador Historic District

The San Salvador Historic Downtown area has iconic buildings such as the National Palace, the National Theater, and the National Cathedral. It also has plazas with a great history dating back to colonial times, such as Gerard Barrios and Liberty Plaza. The historic downtown San Salvador has well-known buildings, churches, … Read more