El Salvador Ranks 39th Among the Most Powerful Passports in the World

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Jan 15th, 2024

The Salvadoran passport is in 4th position among the countries with the most powerful passport in Central America; it is in 12th place in Latin America and in 39th place worldwide.

The consulting firm Henley & Partners released the new rankings in January 2024. It measures the number of destinations residents of each country can travel without a visa.

The Salvadoran passport has access to travel to a large part of the American continent, as well as to the continent of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Salvadoran passport holders can travel to 136 countries without a visa.

In Central America, the January 2024 Henley index places El Salvador in 4th place, below Costa Rica (152), Panama (149), and Guatemala (137). El Salvador is ahead of Honduras (135) and Nicaragua (130).

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El Salvador Passport Global Ranking in Latin America

Among Latin American nations, the Salvadoran passport holds the 12th position, ranking below Peru (142) and Guatemala (137) but surpassing Colombia (135) and Honduras (135).

The top three passports in Latin America are Chile (177), Argentina (174), and Brazil (173). Globally, Chile ranks 15th, Argentina 16th, and Brazil 17th.

The worst three Latin American Passports belong to Venezuela (126), Ecuador (95), and Bolivia (81). Globally, Venezuela ranks 46, Ecuador 57, and Bolivia 63.


On a global scale, the Salvadoran passport is placed 39th, falling behind Serbia (138) and Guatemala (137) but surpassing Colombia (135) and Honduras (135) in the rankings.

The best passports Globally belong to France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain, all with 194 visa-free destinations.

The bottom of the global passport ranking goes to Afghanistan (28), Syria (29), Iraq (31), and Pakistan (34).

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For years, the Henley & Partners firm has published an important and recognized global ranking with the most relevant and powerful passports worldwide. This index classifies all passports based on the number of destinations to which their holders can access without needing a visa.

To sum up, El Salvador Passport Global Ranking globally is 39th, the El Salvador passport trails behind nations like Serbia and Guatemala but outperforms others, including Colombia and Honduras. This placement signifies the international visa-free access enjoyed by holders of the Salvadoran passport.