El Salvador Tourism

Walter Thilo Deininger National Park

Escape the Ordinary: El Salvador Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures for the Curious Traveler

While in El Salvador, venture off the beaten path and discover a world beyond ordinary tourist destinations; the country has many hidden treasures awaiting the intrepid traveler. Visit parts of El Salvador that are not popular with tourism, such as secluded beaches and colorful, not well-known villages; here, you can … Read more

Churches in El Salvador

10 Must-Visit Churches in El Salvador: Exploring Divine Beauty and Cultural Heritage

The Churches in El Salvador are incredible; they have beautiful styles such as Colonial, Gothic, Baroque, Early Christian, and Modern. Also, each church has an astonishing history that appeals to all kinds of visitors. The best Churches in El Salvador to visit are the Santa Ana Cathedral, the San Salvador … Read more

Nejapa El Salvador

Nejapa El Salvador. Home to the Balls of Fire Festival

The town of Nejapa El Salvador is famous for its traditional balls of fire festival, a unique celebration known all over. Nejapa is located in the department of San Salvador; it is about 17 kilometers from the San Salvador Historic district. Nejapa is your typical Salvadoran small town rich with … Read more

Best small towns in El Salvador

10 of the Best Small Towns in El Salvador to Visit Anytime

The small towns in El Salvador offer visitors a combination of modern amenities in a colonial setting that fully displays the country’s history and culture. In these towns, visitors can see glimpses of the country’s past, such as the colonial times and, most recently, the armed conflict of the 1980s. … Read more

Punta Roca Beach in El Salvador

Punta Roca Beach in El Salvador. One of El Salvador’s Best Surf Destinations

El Salvador, with its small coastal territory (321 kilometers,) is home to fantastic surf spots. Punta Roca Beach is one of the destinations popular among locals and foreigners for either surfing or relaxation. Punta Roca Beach in El Salvador is one of the prevalent beaches in the Surf City El … Read more