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Best time to visit El Salvador

What is the Best Time to Visit El Salvador? Deciding on the Best Time to Explore El Salvador!

El Salvador is a beautiful country boasting an array of attractions, from pristine beaches and picturesque volcanic landscapes to vibrant small towns with a rich cultural heritage. While the country offers diverse attractions throughout the year, understanding the best time to visit El Salvador can enhance your experience and ensure … Read more

Top things to do in San Salvador

Top 15 things to do in San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador

The best things to do in San Salvador are to explore the historic district, visit the National Cathedral, learn about the country’s history at the National Palace, taste the local gastronomy, explore the iconic plazas, go shopping at the local markets, visit a museum, and enjoy the nightlife. SEE ALSO: … Read more

Visit San Salvador, El Salvador's capital city

Should you visit San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital city?

It is not a secret that most people that visit El Salvador do it because of its excellent beaches, the colorful small towns, and natural spots like volcanoes. Only a few people venture to the smallest country in Latin America specifically to visit the nation’s capital. But should you visit … Read more

El Salvador Tourism

Lonely Planet includes El Salvador as one of the best 2023 travel destinations

Lonely Planet, one of the largest and most prestigious travel guide publishing companies worldwide, ranked El Salvador among the top 30 destinations to travel to in 2023. Explore a section of Central America that more people should visit: El Salvador. See Maya relics, volcanic scenery, and historic towns as the … Read more

El Salvador Crafts

El Salvador Arts and Crafts: The Craftsmanship of Salvadoran Artisans

The El Salvador traditional crafts are made in small colorful towns that aim to show and keep alive Salvadoran culture and religion. El Salvador arts and crafts are well known all over Central America and in many other countries. Making El Salvador arts and crafts is a tradition that many … Read more

La Ruta de Las Flores El Salvador

La Ruta de Las Flores El Salvador. Exploring unique towns!

La Ruta de Las Flores in El Salvador is a tourist route that includes six picturesque towns, Nahuizalco, Salcoatitan, Juayua, Apaneca, Concepción de Ataco, and Achuachapan. SEE ALSO: El Salvador Tourism: A Journey Through Pristine Beaches, Colorful Towns, and Enchanting Parks La Ruta de Las Flores is by far one … Read more

Landmarks in El Salvador

Why Visit El Salvador. 10 Reasons to Visit El Salvador this Year

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and not your usual tourist destination. Most travelers looking to visit Central America look first at popular destinations such as Costa Rica or Panama. However, visitors shouldn’t dismiss visiting the smallest nation in Central America. El Salvador has plenty of reasons … Read more