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Must-See Attractions When Traveling in El Salvador

Golf Clubs, Volcanoes, and Coffee: Must-See Attractions When Traveling in El Salvador In 2023

El Salvador is one of the most fascinating countries in Central America! It’s small but quite densely populated for its size, and if you happen to be visiting, I can guarantee there’s no shortage of exciting things to do.  If you want to avoid the rainy season and get the … Read more

Ruta de Las Flores El Salvador

La Ruta de Las Flores El Salvador. Exploring unique towns!

La Ruta de Las Flores in El Salvador is a tourist route that includes six picturesque towns, Nahuizalco, Salcoatitan, Juayua, Apaneca, Concepción de Ataco, and Achuachapan. La Ruta de Las Flores is by far one of the most popular destinations in the country. This beautiful area is in the western … Read more

Reasons to visit El Salvador

Why Visit El Salvador. 10 Reasons to Visit El Salvador this Year

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and not your usual tourist destination. Most travelers looking to visit Central America look first at popular destinations such as Costa Rica or Panama. However, visitors shouldn’t dismiss visiting the smallest nation in Central America. El Salvador has plenty of reasons … Read more

Suchitoto El Salvador

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In El Salvador For A Tourist

El Salvador is a good choice if you plan to have some adventurous experiences. Most people ignore El Salvador since they often choose options like California and New York in America.  Despite being the smallest country in Central America, this area is filled with beautiful volcanoes and beaches, making it … Read more

El Salvador Coastline

Salvadoran Government improves infrastructure along coastal tourist locations, which is excellent for tourism

President Nayib Bukele announced last Friday the second phase of Surf City 1, which includes the expansion of CA-2, the coastal highway, or Carretera Litoral. It will be an investment of US$203 million that will cover all the beaches in La Libertad department. Bukele made the announcement while inaugurating Sunset … Read more

Punta Mango Beach El Salvador

President Bukele announces Surf City El Salvador’s circuit two in Eastern El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele announced circuit two of Surf City El Salvador is ready to begin construction; Bukele made the announcement at the famous Punta Mango beach surf spot in Jucuaran on August 11th. Circuit two is the development of the coastal areas in Eastern El Salvador. According to the president, … Read more

Surf City El Salvador

Surf City El Salvador, positioning El Salvador as a top tourist destination

Surf City El Salvador is a tourist project created by president Bukele to bring tourists to El Salvador. It focuses on showcasing the fantastic Salvadoran surf spots and beautiful beaches. Surf City strives to make the country a top tourist destination and change the world’s perception of El Salvador. The … Read more