El Salvador Transportation

Salvadoran Legislative Assembly Approves Free Public Transportation During Election Day


During the January 31 plenary session, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly approved a provisional decree providing a subsidy to the public transportation sector. The objective of this decree is to guarantee that on the upcoming election days, February 4 and March 3, the public transportation service will be free of charge. … Read more

El Salvador's Municipalities and Population

El Salvador’s Municipalities and Population. List of New Municipalities

On Tuesday, June 13, the Salvadoran legislature voted and approved changing the municipalities from 262 to 44; on June 14, President Bukele signed the approved bill, making it official. Governing of the new municipalities is set to begin on May 1, 2024. This day, after the democratic and overwhelming vote … Read more

El Salvador Currency

The Salvadoran Central Reserve Bank Confirms the Circulation of $0.50 Coins and $2 Bills

Despite not being so common, the Salvadoran Central Reserve Bank (BCR) stated that $0.50 coins and $2 bills are currencies are legal tenders that can be used throughout the Salvadoran territory. The $0.50 coin, commonly referred to as “a half dollar,” possesses a silver coloring, and it is larger than … Read more

San Salvador El Salvador

Only 12% of Salvadorans Used Bitcoin in 2023: Iudop-UCA Survey.


Only 12% of Salvadorans surveyed in the latest Iudop-UCA Survey stated that they had used Bitcoin for paying or buying something in 2023. 85% responded that they hadn’t used it during the year, and the remaining 3% said they never used Bitcoin. The Iudop-UCA survey “evaluating the year 2023,” which … Read more

New Ideas Political Party

Nayib Bukele and New Ideas Supporters Celebrate Record Voting Abroad. 2024 Elections

It has been about eight days since remote voting for the 2024 presidential and legislative started; this is the first time Salvadorans residing abroad can cast their votes for president and legislators remotely via the internet. So far, the voting process has proven to be a success. Within the initial … Read more

Downtown San Salvador

91% of Salvadorans Perceived a Safer Country in 2023: Iudop-UCA Survey


During 2023, El Salvador experienced significant security improvements, showcasing a notable reduction in crime rates such as homicides. These improvements, reflected in surveys, show the government’s committed efforts to create a safer environment for residents and visitors. On January 10, 2024, the Iudop-UCA released a survey evaluating the year 2023, … Read more

El Salvador State of Exception arrests

Over 75,000 Arrested During El Salvador’s State of Exception

The State of Exception continues in full force in El Salvador. As of January 1, 2024, over 75,000 individuals linked to criminal organizations (gangs) have been arrested as part of the security measure. Also, the Salvadoran Ministry of Security and the Salvadoran National Police (PNC) have reported that over 7,000 … Read more