Expo Mango El Salvador Ichanmichen

Expo Mango El Salvador Ichanmichen! The Ideal Event to Enjoy Tasty Mango Foods, Drinks, and Sweets

Experience the allure of the Expo Mango El Salvador event at the Ichanmichen Recreational Park in Zacatecoluca. The Expo Mango offers culinary delights and mango varieties with cultural festivities that showcase the nation’s rich agricultural heritage and culinary expertise. The Expo Mango El Salvador is a family-oriented yearly event organized … Read more

El Salvador State of Exception arrests

Over 79,000 Arrested During El Salvador’s State of Exception: Two Years Under the Security Measure

March 27, 2024, marked the second anniversary of the Salvadoran State of Emergency. Initially approved on March 27, 2022, following an increase in gang-related killings that claimed the lives of 87 individuals in a mere three days. Since then, over 79,000 alleged gang members and collaborators have been arrested as … Read more

Landmarks in El Salvador

San Salvador Center City Hall to Impose Fines for Immoral Acts in Public Spaces.

Mario Duran, the mayor of the municipality of San Salvador Center, ordered last night the Corps of Metropolitan Agents (CAM) to impose the corresponding sanctions on those who commit immoral acts in public Spaces. Duran’s announcement came after complaints through the X social network of controversial photographs taken by a … Read more

PayPal Crypto Integration

El Salvador to Provide Information About Bitcoin in Salvadoran Public Schools


The Salvadoran Ministry of Education will provide grade school students in public schools with educational material about Bitcoin, which is legal tender in the country, along with the US dollar. “This great opportunity will let me share Bitcoin knowledge in public schools in Bitcoin country,” remarked Jose Mauricio Pineda, the … Read more

San Salvador Street Crossing

San Salvador Mayor’s Office to Impose Fines for Street Crossing Violations

To minimize incidents and encourage a culture of pedestrian safety, the San Salvador Mayor’s Office has reaffirmed its commitment to apply fines to individuals who cross streets outside designated walkways. The San Salvador city hall will enforce article 62 of the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, which specifies fines of $15 … Read more

FMLN Political Party El Salvador

FMLN Political Party, Without Deputies and Municipality Mayors After 30 Years of Political Life


Thus far, 2024 has not been a good year for the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front FMLN political party. On March 3, the left-wing political party suffered its second electoral debacle in less than 30 days, the worst in its 30 years of political existence. The FMLN’s defeat is evident! … Read more

El Salvador's Municipalities and Population

El Salvador’s Municipalities and Population: List of the New 44 Municipalities

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the Salvadoran legislature voted and approved changing the municipalities from 262 to 44; on June 14, President Bukele signed the approved bill, making it official. Governing of the new municipalities is set to begin on May 1, 2024. This day, after the democratic and overwhelming … Read more