Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan

Nayib Bukele’s Territorial Control Plan: Transforming El Salvador’s Security Landscape

Under President Nayib Bukele’s government, El Salvador has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its security landscape. The administration’s severe security measures have effectively bolstered safety and instilled greater confidence among the population. Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan is one of the strategies! Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan consists of seven … Read more

President Nayib Bukele Approval Rating

President Nayib Bukele’s Approval Rating! What’s Behind the President’s Popularity?

President Nayib Bukele’s approval rating has been over 75% since he became president; his approval is the highest any Salvadoran president has sustained during a presidential term. Bukele is regarded as the world leader with the highest domestic support. Nayib Bukele’s popularity continues to soar in El Salvador. His dynamic … Read more

Yamil Bukele

Yamil Bukele El Salvador, looking to improve sports in El Salvador

Yamil Bukele is the President of INDES, the National Institute of Sports of El Salvador. Bukele is also the Vice President of FIBA Americas and President of the Central American and Caribbean Basketball Confederation, CONCENCABA. Yamil Bukele was appointed to this position by his brother President Nayib Bukele. Some have … Read more

Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele with High Approval Ratings After 2 1/2 years in office


It has been two and a half years since Nayib Bukele was sworn in as president of El Salvador. After his, June 1st, 2019, inaugural speech as president, everyone knew his style of government was going to be different. On that day, all the people who voted for Bukele seemed … Read more

Nayib Bukele

Opinion: Gang truce or not, President Bukele is still popular in El Salvador

Despite accusations of negotiating a secret truce with organized crime, authoritarianism, corruption, and nepotism, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele keeps a strong score of popularity among Salvadorans. During the first half of his five-year term, the international community has condemned military actions, such as when Bukele entered the Salvadoran parliament with heavy-armed military staff to pressure … Read more