Eriq Zavaleta Performace In American Soccer League

The 31-year-old was born in Westfield, Indiana; the United States has been a key player in the American Soccer League. He plays as a center-back for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy. 

Zavaleta’s career is marked by significant achievements, including leading his college team to a national title, successfully transitioning between several professional teams, and representing the United States and El Salvador internationally.

Eriq Zavaleta USA Soccer

Zavaleta’s career took a significant turn when he joined Toronto FC in 2015. His move to Toronto FC marked a new chapter in his career, providing him with new challenges and opportunities. He scored his first goal for Toronto in a match against his former club, the Seattle Sounders, marking a memorable moment in his career.

Zavaleta was briefly loaned to Toronto FC II during his time with Toronto FC. This loan spell provided him with additional playing time and experience, helping him further develop his skills and understanding of the game.

He re-signed with Toronto FC in 2021, but his contract option was declined at the end of the season. After his contract option was declined by Toronto FC in 2021, Zavaleta found himself at a crossroads in his career. Despite the setback, he remained undeterred. His time with Toronto FC had been a period of growth and development, both on and off the pitch. 

Eriq Zavaleta’s Past Performance in the American Soccer League 

His journey in MLS started with Seattle Sounders FC in 2013, where he played five games but didn’t get a chance to start any. His stint with Seattle was brief, and he moved to Chivas USA in 2014, where he played 17 games, starting 15 of them.

Zavaleta’s career took a significant turn when he joined Toronto FC in 2015. He played for Toronto FC for six seasons, from 2015 to 2021, during which he showed consistent performance. His most active season was in 2017, when he played 29 games, starting 27 of them, and even scored a goal. He also played a significant role in the team’s defense, with his passing accuracy often exceeding 80%.

In 2022, Zavaleta moved to LA Galaxy, where he continues to play as of 2023. His performance remains consistent, with a passing accuracy of 93.6% in 2022 and 86.2% in 2023. He has played 10 games for LA Galaxy, starting four of them.

Current Performance in the American Soccer League

In 2022, Zavaleta signed a one-year deal with LA Galaxy, marking a new chapter in his professional career. His move to LA Galaxy, one of the most recognized clubs in the MLS, was a significant step, providing him with new challenges and opportunities. The club, known for its history of success and high-profile players, offered Zavaleta a platform to showcase his skills further and contribute to a team with a rich winning tradition. 

Joining a club like LA Galaxy, known for its history of success and high-profile players, not only offered Zavaleta a platform to showcase his skills further but also increased the likelihood of his performances being closely observed by sports betting sites, eager to evaluate his impact on the team’s success and calculate the odds for upcoming matches. 

Zavaleta debuted for LA Galaxy against the San Diego Loyal SC in the U.S. Open Cup. His debut with his new club took place in this match, allowing him to familiarize himself with the team dynamics and understand the club’s playing strategy. His compelling display in the U.S. Open Cup emphasized his preparedness to add value to the team and his competency to thrive in stressful situations.

On the other hand, his inaugural match in the MLS, representing LA Galaxy against Real Salt Lake, allowed him to showcase his talent. His subsequent performances in the MLS reinforced his capability to adjust to new scenarios and play a crucial role in his team’s triumphs.

In February 2023, the Galaxy announced Zavaleta had signed a new two-year deal to remain with the club. This development signaled the club’s confidence in Zavaleta’s abilities and potential to contribute to the team’s success in the coming seasons. The new contract also marked a significant milestone in Zavaleta’s career, demonstrating his continued commitment to LA Galaxy and his desire to contribute to the team’s success.

Eriq Zavaleta’s extraordinary skills in passing make him an irreplaceable asset to his team. His precise delivery of the ball, marked by an exceptional 86% passing accuracy, allows his team to retain possession and devise effective attacks. He always places his teammates in favorable positions, paving the way for potential scoring chances. 

In the 2023 MLS season, as a defender, Zavaleta’s record includes the concession of 3 goals and the achievement of 1 clean sheet in a total of 6 matches. His team lets in a goal approximately every 53 minutes when he’s on the field. Furthermore, for every 90-minute segment he’s played, he’s recorded an average of 0.56 tackles and 1.12 interceptions, showcasing his proactive defensive skills.

Zavaleta’s passing accuracy also plays a crucial role in dictating the game’s tempo, as he can seamlessly transition the ball from defense to midfield, setting the foundation for cohesive team play. His composure and vision on the field make him an instrumental player, contributing significantly to his team’s success.

Eriq Zavaleta USA Soccer Player

Eriq Zavaleta has made significant strides in his career in the American Soccer League. With his career beginning at Seattle Sounders FC in 2013 and stints with Chivas USA and Toronto FC, Zavaleta’s journey has been characterized by consistent performances and notable achievements, including representing the United States U-17 and El Salvador internationally. Despite facing a declined contract option with Toronto FC, Zavaleta took it as a stepping stone, enhancing his skills and maturity as a player.

In 2022, he joined LA Galaxy, where he continues to showcase his impressive passing accuracy, a key contribution to his team’s effective game strategies. His performance has earned him a new two-year deal with the club in 2023, demonstrating LA Galaxy’s confidence in his abilities. 

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