Life in El Salvador

MS13 MS-13 Mara Salvatrucha

MS13, MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha gang profile.

This story originally appeared on on March 11, 2019. The Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 , is perhaps the most notorious street gang in the Western Hemisphere. While MS13 has … Read more

Francisco Alabi

Francisco Alabi El Salvador.

Francisco Alabi is the El Salvador Health Minister. Alabi was sworn in as a minister in March 2020 by President Nayib Bukele. His previous position was Vice Minister of Health … Read more

New Ideas political party

New Ideas political party, the party of the Salvadoran people.

The New Ideas political party was founded by President Nayib Bukele in 2018. Nuevas Ideas’ political party, the newly formed political movement, is the largest in El Salvador. It will … Read more

Munguia Payes

Munguia Payes. Salvadoran ex-minister of Defense.

Munguia Payes is the Salvadoran ex-minister of Defence. He served ten years on this position under two FMLN Presidential Administrations, Mauricio Funes’s and Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

Ernesto Muyshondt o Neto Muyshondt

Ernesto Muyshondt. Current mayor of San Salvador.

Ernesto Muyshondt or Neto Muyshondt is the current mayor of San Salvador. Muyshondt is serving his first term as mayor of the most prestigious City Hall in the country. Neto … Read more

Oscar Ortiz

Oscar Ortiz El Salvador. Secretary-General of the FMLN.

Oscar Ortiz is the Secretary-General of the Farabundo Mart√≠ Front for National Liberation, FMLN. Ortiz served as vice president of El Salvador from 2014 to 2019. Previously, he was the … Read more

Rogeliio Rivas

Rogelio Rivas, Minister of Justice and Public Security of El Salvador.

Rogelio Rivas Polanco is the Minister of Justice and Public Security of El Salvador under the Bukele administration. Rogelio Rivas was appointed to serve from 2019 to 2024. Rogelio is … Read more

Rene Merino Monroy

Rene Merino Monroy. Defense Minister of El Salvador.

Rene Merino Monroy is El Salvador’s Minister of Defense. Monroy was sworn in as minister on June 1, 2019, by President Nayib Bukele. Minister Monroy became the first member of … Read more

Milena Mayorga

Milena Mayorga. Salvadoran ambassador to the United States.

Milena Mayorga is the current Salvadoran ambassador to the United States. Previously, Mayorga served as a deputy at the Legislative Assembly representing San Salvador. Milena won her legislative seat in … Read more

Felissa Cristales

Felissa Cristales. Salvadoran politician from La Libertad.

Felissa Cristales is a Congresswoman representing the department of La Libertad, El Salvador. She was elected to be a legislator under the ARENA flag to serve the legislative term of … Read more

Mauricio Funes Cartagena

Mauricio Funes Cartagena, President of El Salvador (2009 to 2014).

Mauricio Funes Cartagena is the former president of El Salvador, 2009 to 2014. Funes now lives in Nicaragua, evading Salvadoran justice. Funes’ presidency is best remembered for corruption and the … Read more