Living in El Salvador

Cost of living in El Salvador

Cost of Living in El Salvador. How expensive is it to live in El Salvador in 2022?

The cost of living in El Salvador for a family of four without rent, ranges from $1,000 to $2000. However, these ranges can go as low as $400 or higher than $2000. Circumstances such as living location and individual needs have a significant impact on determining the total cost. El … Read more

Best places to liv in El Salvador

Best Places to Live in El Salvador. Here Are Ten of Them!

The best places to live in El Salvador are San Salvador, La Libertad, Santa Ana, Santa Tecla, Antiguo Cuscatlan, Suchitoto, Juayua, El Tunco, Ahuachapan, and Chalatenango. Other cities around the country have excellent qualities ideal for making them your new home. However, these ten cities are the most popular! El … Read more

population of El Salvador

What is the Population of El Salvador in 2022? El Salvador Population

The population of El Salvador in 2022 is 6,330,947. El Salvador’s population increased by 0.08% compared to 2021, which had a population of 6,325,827. El Salvador’s population growth rate is expected to slow in the upcoming years because of all the people leaving the country for political and economic reasons. … Read more

Transportation in El Salvador

Transportation in El Salvador. What you Need to Know!

The best modes of transportation in El Salvador are driving, taking taxis, shuttles, uber’s, and public transportation. The best way of getting around El Salvador changes depending on the starting location or final destination. These forms of transportation have good and bad reasons for using or not using them; it … Read more

San Salvador

San Salvador is no longer one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the World

According to the organization Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, San Salvador has not been one of the top 50 most dangerous cities in the world since 2019. The cities of ElSalvador (in particular the capital city, San Salvador) disappeared from the map of the 50 most violent … Read more

Healthcare System El Salvador

El Salvador Healthcare System. Healthcare in El Salvador

El Salvador healthcare system is distributed into three sectors, the public or universal, the social insurance or El Seguro Social, and the private sector. All three Salvadoran healthcare systems have hospitals and clinics; however, the public or universal system is the one used by most Salvadorans. El Salvador’s public healthcare … Read more

Water Pollution in El Salvador

Water Pollution in El Salvador. Getting Worse Every Year

The water pollution in El Salvador is getting worse every year. A 2020 report by the Salvadoran Ministry of the Environment revealed that 71% of Salvadoran river waters are qualified as bad, and 7.4% as poor. The country has less drinkable water due to the contamination of rivers, lakes, ponds, … Read more