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Inflation rate in El Salvador

Inflation Rate in El Salvador in 2023 Drops to 2.66. The Rate is Down 63.66% Year-to-Date

The inflation rate in El Salvador at the end of October 2023 is at 2.66; it is 0.36 or 11.92% lower than the 3.02 it closed the previous month. October 2023 is the first month of this year the rate has been under 3.0; it is also the lowest rate … Read more

El Salvador Credit Ratings

El Salvador’s Credit Ratings: S&P Global Increases Rating to B- with a Stable Outlook

The S&P Global Ratings agency raised the rating of the Salvadoran debt from CCC+ to B-. Furthermore, S&P Global indicated that the long-term outlook for the country is “stable.” The reason for the upgrade is the restructuring of the terms of the country’s short-term debt with private banks the Salvadoran … Read more

El Salvador Airport of the Pacific

El Salvador’s Airport of the Pacific: Prospects and Challenges of the New Airport in El Salvador

The Airport of the Pacific is El Salvador’s new airport set to be built in Conchagua, la Union, in the eastern part of El Salvador, near the Gulf of Fonseca. The new airport in El Salvador started as a campaign promise of President Nayib Bukele to the people of Eastern … Read more

Energy Price in El Salvador

Electric Energy Prices in El Salvador will increase by 9% this Upcoming Quarter (Oct to Jan)

Electric energy prices in El Salvador will increase by 9% for the upcoming quarter (October 15, 2023, to January 14, 2024), according to the new costs set by the Salvadoran Directorate of Energy, Hydrocarbons and Mines. The institution announced the new electricity cost via its X “Twitter” feed on Sunday, … Read more

IMF Central America Economic Outlook

Central America’s Economic Outlook According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

IMF Central America Economic Outlook. – The International Monetary Fund expects a 3.8% economic growth for the Central American, Panama, and Dominican Republic region (CAPDR). The 2023 economic numbers represent an economic deceleration compared to last year when The CAPDR economies increased by 5.4% In Central America, Panama, once again, … Read more