All Souls Day El Salvador. Remembering those who passed away.

 April 1, 2020   By Karla.

All Souls Day El Salvador, also known as the Day of the Dead or Deceased, is a day in El Salvador where families and friends pay tribute to those who have passed away.

This Salvadoran tradition takes place every year on November the 2nd; people throughout the country remember loved ones who are no longer with us.

All Souls Day El Salvador

In El Salvador, All Souls Day is an official holiday; therefore, public offices, governmental offices, and schools are closed.

How is All Souls Day celebrated in El Salvador?

In El Salvador, All Souls Day is celebrated differently by individuals and municipalities; there is no one set way to get it done.

The following are things that you will see in cemeteries all over the country; they are done by individuals or municipalities to celebrate All Souls Day.


To begin with, most municipalities, all over the country, included special masses or cults at the cemeteries; this is done to celebrate and pray for the souls of loved ones who are no longer with us.

Additionally, during All Souls Day, many people carry out traditional activities such as placing flower arrangements at graves and renovating the painting of crosses and tombstones.

Furthermore, some take advantage of the All Souls Day to serenade loved ones or friends who have passed away. Mariachi bands or singing groups are a common sight at cemeteries during All Souls Day.

Lastly, during All Souls Day, many Salvadoran families prepare traditional meals such as Tamales and Ayote (Salvadoran Pumpkin) with brown sugar or honey.

The celebrations during All Souls Day are personal in nature; some people like doing everything that comes with religion, while others simply want to pay their respect without all the fanfare.

All Souls Day El Salvador

Day of the Dead or Deceased.

To summarize, flowers, mariachis, prayers, and a lot of faith is how Salvadorans honor their loved ones who have already passed away.

Throughout El Salvador, during All Souls Day; cemeteries are adorned with the different flower arrangements that each family brings to the grave of the deceased.

Undeniably, the Day of the Faithful Deceased or All Souls Day is one of the dates of great importance for Salvadoran culture. People go to cemeteries to remember their loved ones and pay respect.




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