Top 3 Investments in Responsible Gaming

Top 3 Investments in Responsible Gaming

Gambling taps into our natural desire to get things without much work. It triggers feelings of winning and control, satisfying our brain’s pleasure centers. Even though it’s not like basic survival actions, like hunting, it still gives us a thrill. That’s why it’s so appealing and entertaining to us.

While explaining responsible gambling, a broad idea must be explored, which should include numerous policies and requirements that are all applicable to casino enthusiasts to preserve the industry’s standards in terms of quality and user experience. There is little argument regarding whether gambling should be considered simply as a recreational activity rather than a means of generating financial advantage. Although the majority of the population enjoys gambling as a recreational pastime, it is common for them to outgrow their risk-taking capacities. This frequently results in debts that are difficult to recover from. This is why practically every casino operator offers a variety of options that encourage responsible playing.

The phenomenon of the gambling industry experiencing a boom is not very unexpected considering the fact it is regarded as one of the most rapidly growing industries after the pandemic.  However, to end the notions attached to gambling like addictions, and crime, measures must be taken like the involvement of major corporations and governing bodies to fund the cause through investing in various self-exclusion bodies like GamStop, Gambleaware, etc.

GamStop – is the national UK self-exclusion scheme. All British players must be registered in there to play at UK casinos. However, players are not satisfied with the restrictions that GamStop imposes, so they try to find a way to cancel this self-exclusion by following the CasinoGap guide but is almost impossible. So, it’s crucial to raise awareness about the importance of utilizing responsible gambling tools among all gamblers.

The Investment of GameSys into GambleAware

Gambleaware is known as an association to eradicate problematic gambling practices among seasoned gamblers. The association follows a set of highly regulated practices closely associated with major organizations to present the best solution and preventative measures towards the same goal. Gambleaware is an independently operating body but has successfully gained legal protection for carrying out research regarding gambling issues. So we can conclude that even though it is independently operating it depends upon the funding from large-scale corporations and organizations within and beyond the gambling industry to sustain. This organization is responsible for receiving contributions from gambling operators accumulated from unwanted winnings, inactive accounts, and so on. 

The contribution of 2,286,000 pounds was received by Gambleaware and among all the donors GameSys was recorded as the highest contributor donating a sum of 450000 pounds.  Eminent names like Bet Way, and 888 were also among the top contributors.  The funds accumulated were utilized for the promotion of addictive gambling prevention,  treatment of affected gamblers, and creation of an all-around safer environment for gambling practices.

GambleAware and its Contribution to GamCare

Gamcare is a similar organization with the same motive of looking after affected gamblers. According to the agreement between Gambleaware and Gamcare lasting from 2018 to 2021, a pact was made to serve the gamblers affected by addictive gambling habits collaboratively. The plan was to branch out and have another collaborative program which over three years will get the National Gambling HelpLine to reach out to more people in need, and enable easy access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using computer technology to help people get over their addiction.  Moreover, there were further plans to create support groups as a part of aftercare and spread the services of in-person treatment in Wales, Scotland, and England.


Responsible gambling encompasses a wide range of activities. Gambling websites, like other e-commerce sites, are frequently subjected to fraudulent operations involving online theft. In the databases of online gambling sites, a great deal of financial information is stored, which is sensitive not only to customers but also to operators. Operators frequently revisit their privacy policies and implement revised policies to maintain safety to prevent information theft. Preventing online attacks for information piracy is also part of this. Another important part is online payment security. 

The protection of gamblers who are vulnerable to the negative impacts of gaming is another efficient strategy to ensure the restoration of safe gambling practices. Gambling is highly addictive, and gamblers are more likely to have negative consequences such as debt and other financial problems. Here, self-exclusion programs, which have a high success rate, come to the rescue.