The Most Beloved Tourist Spots in El Salvador

El Salvador might be small, but oh boy, does it pack a punch in terms of attractions! From surfing hotspots to ancient ruins, this little gem has something for every adventurous soul. Buckle up as we dive into the most beloved tourist spots in El Salvador, where every turn is a story and every location is a selfie waiting to happen.

Surf City, La Libertad

Fancy riding some of the best waves in Central America? Then head straight to La Libertad, also crowned as Surf City. With its world-renowned waves and friendly locals, this spot has become a pilgrimage site for surf enthusiasts. The pier, bustling with activity from dawn till dusk, offers not just spectacular surf but also an array of seafood that’ll make your taste buds dance the salsa. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried the ceviche here!

Santa Ana Volcano

Why watch a volcano on National Geographic when you could hike one in real life? Santa Ana Volcano, or Ilamatepec, is not only the highest volcano in El Salvador but also one of the most stunning. The hike to the crater takes you through a variety of ecosystems—think a mini-bio-adventure. The view from the top? Absolutely otherworldly, with a turquoise sulphur lake that looks like it’s been photoshopped. Spoiler: it’s not!


Step into the world of the Maya at Tazumal, regarded as the most impressive Mayan ruin in El Salvador. Located in Chalchuapa, these ruins are a history buff’s dream and are believed to have been a significant ceremonial center. The buildings are well-preserved, offering a glimpse into a civilization that knew a lot about astronomy and architecture. How did they build this without modern machinery? The mind boggles!


Art, culture, and cobblestones—welcome to Suchitoto, the cultural capital of El Salvador. This town is like a living museum, with well-preserved colonial architecture and a vibe so chill you’ll want to move in permanently. Don’t forget to check out the local art galleries and the vibrant market where artisans sell their wares. It’s the perfect spot to pick up a memento of your travels, like a handcrafted indigo scarf.

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El Salvador is brimming with spots that are as diverse as they are beautiful. It’s a country that invites you to explore its depths and leaves you richer in experiences. So, when are you booking your ticket?

Now over to you, dear travelers: Which of these spots have you visited, or which ones are on your bucket list? Any tips or secret spots you’d like to share with fellow wanderlusters?