Merino Monroy, Minister of Defense of El Salvador

Opinion: El Salvador’s gang crackdown is working, but criticism over human rights violations continues

After a dramatic increase in homicides over three days in late March 2022 that left 87 Salvadorans dead, President Nayib Bukele and his security cabinet took swift action to stop the violence and start a gang crackdown; they requested the Legislative Assembly the approval of the State of Exception. President … Read more

ARENA political Party El Salvador

ARENA: El Salvador’s Right-Wing Political party.

The Nationalist Republican Alliance, ARENA, is a Salvadoran conservative right-wing political party. Since its creation and until 2021, ARENA was one of the predominant political forces in El Salvador. ARENA, or Alianza Republicana Nacionalista in Spanish, was founded in 1981 by Roberto D’Aubuisson, a career Salvadoran soldier. D’Aubuisson is credited … Read more

August Festivities in San Salvador

Cultural Extravaganza: Celebrating the August Festivities in San Salvador

Once again, the August Festivities in San Salvador are here, and the nation’s capital is ready to display its cultural extravaganza. During these festivities, the vibrant capital comes alive with a colorful array of cultural events and joyous religious traditions. The August Festivities in San Salvador are from August 1 … Read more

El Salvador Tourism

Opinion: El Salvador’s state of exception is not affecting tourism. But, should you be worried when visiting?

No, the emergency state of exception has not affected tourism to El Salvador. In fact, the Salvadoran tourism industry seems to be increasing as it feels more … Read more

El Salvador's Corruption Perceptions Index

El Salvador’s 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index. El Salvador Drops 1 points


On the Transparency International report released on January 2023, El Salvador received a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score of 34; the country dropped 1 point compared to 2021. The score of 33 is on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the best score possible. Due to the … Read more