Typical Salvadoran Breakfast

Typical Salvadoran Breakfast: Exploring the Delicious Diversity of El Salvador’s Breakfast Cuisine!

The typical Salvadoran breakfast includes beans, eggs, fried plantains, cheese or sour cream, and tortillas or bread. Adding sausages and avocado to the traditional breakfast is typical. This tasty dish is part of El Salvador’s culture. Most Salvadorans consume a variation of this traditional Salvadoran breakfast. The breakfast dish is … Read more

Mario Duran

Mario Duran, City mayor of San Salvador from 2021 to 2024

Mario Duran is the mayor of San Salvador, the largest city in El Salvador; his term as mayor is from 2021 to 2024. Mario Duran previously served as El Salvador’s Minister of the Interior, a position he relinquished on November 20, 2020. During his time as minister of the interior, … Read more

President Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador from 2019 to 2024

Nayib Bukele is the current president of El Salvador; he was sworn in on June 1st, 2019, and will serve a five-year term ending in 2024. At the age of 37, Bukele became the 46th president of El Salvador; he is the youngest person ever elected as president of this … Read more

5 Ways to Keep Scammers Away From Your Digital Assets!

Adopting the digital medium of making payments through cryptocurrencies will face many challenges. Although cryptocurrencies are the safest medium of online transactions, they are still not free of threats. One of the most critical threats you will face in cryptocurrency is scams and hacks. If you want to start bitcoin … Read more