Is it possible to rent a luxury car in El Salvador?

The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. Once this land was called Cuscatlan, which means “land of jewels”. The country is located on the Pacific coast, on the border with Honduras. Nowadays, the country attracts tourists with its ancient structures, including various monuments of civilizations that have disappeared at the moment and, of course, its unbelievably beautiful and mysterious nature.

Movement around the country

Since the length of the country does not exceed 300 kilometers, it is pointless to travel inside by plane. You can rent a car, for example, at the airport of San Salvador or in the city center, where there are offices of several international car rental companies. Choose a company that provides the maximum range of services – for example, focus on the quality of rental companies in Dubai that offer exotic car rental. The advantages of such companies are, first of all, maximum security (cameras are installed on all cars, which, if something happens, will help protect the car from damage or theft in time of your car rental). Secondly, these are affordable prices and a large selection of reliable and exotic cars, for example, the Mercedes G63 in Dubai is currently in the greatest demand for cross-country riding in various conditions. A huge advantage of renting a car is that it allows you not to depend on tourist guides and programs. The lowest rental cost in San Salvador is 20-30 USD per day, but driving is quite chaotic, and the roads are busy, so think about whether you will be comfortable in the driver’s seat in such an environment. As for other types of transportation, the railway doesn’t function. But buses run with such frequency and intensity that you can get anywhere in the country without any problems. However, buses don’t travel very fast, but this option is the cheapest. There are two main routes here – this is the Road 2 and the Pan-American Highway. 

San Salvador is the capital and largest city. There is all the infrastructure necessary for a tourist, there is a large selection of various hotels. It is also better to rent a car in the capital.

Despite the relatively underdeveloped tourism industry and many years of civil war, the territory of the country is still rather poorly studied and mastered by guests from abroad, which makes it especially attractive in the eyes of fans of historical tourism. For example, in the west it is calmer and richer. There are many coffee plantations, picturesque mountain ranges and the most densely populated areas. Tourists here, perhaps, calmer. 

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The people living here are very religious and of course honor the traditions of their ancestors. The main religion is Catholicism. Despite this, the crime rate in the country is very high, so El Salvador has a bad reputation as one of the most dangerous states in the world. At night, it is better not to appear on the streets of cities, not to carry expensive attributes with you, and even more so to show it to everyone or boast.

5 things you definitely shouldn’t do in El Salvador.

  1. Photographing anyone without permission.
  2. Drink alcohol to the point of insanity.
  3. Walk aimlessly through the streets at night.
  4. Carry large sums of money and important documents in the back pocket of your trousers or somewhere else where they can be easily pulled out unnoticed.
  5. Shake an expensive camera around every corner, study a brand new expensive smartphone or tablet for a long time and carefully, show other equipment that can cost a lot of money, as well as luxury items and jewelry or cars.