Best Educational Activities for Travelers in El Salvador

El SalvadorPhoto by on Ricardo Ardonby Unsplash

El Salvador is one of Central America’s most coveted and beautiful destinations. It offers a great and rare mixture of culture and fun. According to WorldData, more than 700,000 people visit El Salvador each year. The proceeds generated from the tourism sector exceed 2.5% of the country’s GDP. You might as well be one of the travelers planning a trip to this amazing country. 

To make sure you get the most out of your trip, we recommend combining rest with a set of educational activities. There is so much you can get from your visits to recognized landmarks, as well as from exploring the country on your own. Below are our top tips that will help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • National Theatre of El Salvador

The National Theater of El Salvador is one of the country’s main landmarks. It also ranks among some of the oldest theaters in Central America. Not only is it a must-see on your list, but it can also offer an unforgettable performance you will remember for many years to come. 

You should expect nothing short of world-class acting from the Theater’s leading actors and actresses. You choose from a diverse choice of concerts, drama, or folk music, as well as engaging art workshops.

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  • Visit the National Museum of Anthropology

This is one of the best museums in the country. Get your best tour throughout the country’s history by visiting the five huge exhibit halls housing thousands of exhibits and artifacts, more than 200,000 in total. They cover a long period of time, going back to early-Mayan times and including the influence of Catholic culture.

El Salvador is known as a country of volcanoes. At the museum, you can see the legacy of the last most significant eruptions that occurred in 1917. Set aside the whole day for your visit because there are really a lot of interesting exhibits to explore.

  • Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site

The site is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, which makes it another must-see. It used to be a small farming town, which was part of the Mayan civilization. It turned out to be the last stronghold that fell to the onslaught of Spanish invaders by the end of the 17th century. 

It was just a piece of luck that it was rediscovered in 1976 after a long period of oblivion that the town fell into as a result of a volcanic eruption around 600 CE. It is a real treasure of archeological findings and a great throwback to bygone times. 

  • Explore off-the-beaten tracks

You can also get a bit creative by disregarding all the landmarks that end up on the tourist trail. Try exploring the lesser known areas and places, providing that they are safe to travel to. Off-the-beaten tracks usually offer opportunities for great personal discoveries, sharp observations, and crips insights. 

Turn your travel into a journey of serendipity. Mingle with locals, and benefit from the diversity of local culture. Above all, this will end up being much cheaper than visiting expensive sites targeting foreign tourists.  

If you are concerned about your language skills, make sure you use one of the best translation apps. Some of them are specifically designed for travelers. You will be able to benefit from the wealth of local knowledge and experience. You can also read important notices and texts on your own. All in all, you get lots of benefits while avoiding the inconvenience of missing important pieces of information.

  • Visit the Cathedral

The Catedral Metropolitana de San Salvador is the resting place of archbishop Oscar Romero who was best known for his criticism of the national government during the civil war. The archbishop was assassinated in 1980. 

The Cathedral is often described as an epitome of Baroque architecture. It was built for more than 30 years in the 18th century. Admission is free, so enjoy a quick tour in the evening. Enjoy the murals, and a sense of peace one finds in many religious establishments.

Bottom Line

Your trip to El Salvador is most likely to be one of your most memorable travel experiences. In addition to all the fun you will undoubtedly have, you can maximize your benefits by augmenting your experience with educational activities.

El Salvador has lots to offer both in terms of traditional landmarks and a range of cultural experiences that are invisible to the naked eye. 


Diane Sherron is an experienced hospitality industry specialist and a popular writer. Diane knows everything there is to know about the nuts and bolts of international travel. She has worked in many Central American countries, and she enjoys posting her thoughts on fun and educational activities you can engage in during your stay there.