6 Reasons Why El Salvador is a Great Travel Destination For Students

A trip to El Salvador takes you to the smallest country in Central America. Despite its small size, it remains one of the most rewarding tourist destinations. It offers a mix of nature, history, and modern developments. 

Photo by Lucas Andrade

El Salvador receives less attention compared to its neighbors. However, the rich tourism package the country offers will capture the attention of students. Here are reasons you should consider visiting El Salvador as a student. 

  1. Price 

The resources available to college students do not allow them to enjoy the premium facilities. Hotels are expensive while air tickets can be unaffordable. El Salvador allows you to enjoy the best amenities at an affordable price. Hire a professional writer on https://thesisgeek.com/cheap-dissertation.php to complete your thesis and help you to create time to travel to any destination while in college. 

El Salvador is one of the most affordable yet rewarding tourism destinations around the world. The beaches are dominated by local businesses. Most of the towns are small and neatly designed. Locals have found a way to offer exquisite services without charging a fortune. At a fraction of what you would spend in some of the most coveted destinations, you will get an equivalent package. 

  1. Welcoming locals 

Salvadorians speak Spanish but are some of the most welcoming locals you can desire to encounter as a tourist. The language is considered one of the most romantic. Being a largely coastal country, it offers an easy life and a holiday mood throughout the year. 

The locals are prepared to receive all types of tourists. They understand multiple international languages, making it easier for you to find a way around. A sizable proportion of the locals is also made up of international settlers over the centuries. This creates a blend of one of the most amazing locals to interact with. While they speak Spanish, their understanding of English and another international language will ensure that you find your way around.

  1. Fantastic Beaches 

El Salvador neighbors the Pacific Ocean, Honduras, and Guatemala. Almost half of its boarder is on the oceanfront. This presents extensive geographical features for tourists to explore along the beaches. 

Tourists will love the white sandy beaches on the Pacific coast that are welcoming to tourists throughout the year. The background provided by these beaches includes coffee plantations, historical sites, and modern developments. The beaches receive one of the most favorable weather throughout the year. The beaches are perfect for tourism fishing, surfing, kite games, and swimming. A cruise along the El Salvador coastline will give you the most picturesque album. 

  1. Mayan Ruins 

The Mayan ruins are some of the most fascinating discoveries. They feature iconic ruins including Chihuatan, Tazumal, and Joya de Ceren. For a student of history or one who wants to study the future better, the Mayan ruins will illuminate your mind. 

  1. Natural features 

El Salvador is a hilly country with a history of volcanic activities. This provides rich natural features that will capture your imagination. They include mountains with unique vegetation, rivers, and forests. The fauna in the country is diverse and fascinating. It is a landscape that is still in formation. 

  1. Food 

If you love to travel for food, El Salvador should be part of your target destinations. Enjoy local delicacies served on the streets. They are blends of cheese, beans, veggies, and meat, among other ingredients. Whether you are looking for a meal or a bite while on your way, El Salvador will satisfy your appetite. 

Students are always looking for a bargain when traveling. El Salvador is a destination specifically designed for students. Make the most beautiful album by visiting El Salvador while still in college.