6 Best Web Design Online Courses to Take in 2023

You can acquire the information and abilities required to launch a successful web designer or front-end developer career by taking online web design classes.

However, there are hundreds of these online courses that target different audiences and offer a variety of approaches and topics. Here are the top web design courses available online to help you discover the best one, according to a web design expert from EssayService, a paper writing service for students who use it to write my essays online and improve their grades without any effort.

1. Coursera: Web Design for Everybody

This course on Coursera focuses on teaching all the skills required to start on a new path in web design, as the course title implies.

Expect to learn the fundamentals of CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design.

The course’s last assignment requires you to build a polished professional portfolio that you can utilize to land your first job as a web designer.

After finishing, participants will be given a certificate of completion, which they can display to potential employers and list on their resumes. You may join up for a seven-day free trial to see if this course is right for you before committing to a premium subscription.

This course is a good recommendation for learning about web design from various perspectives if you’re starting out.

2. CareerFoundry: UX Design Program

This excellent course was developed by true subject experts. Just like the rest of the options on this list, it is entirely online, making it the perfect choice if you need to fit your studies in with other responsibilities.

Once you enroll, your own personal tutor and an expert mentor will be assigned to you.

You will work on various practical projects that will become the foundation of your professional portfolio. 

You can contact an advisor directly to learn more about the program and decide whether it is the best option for you.

3. Simplilearn: Web Development Course

Simplilearn’s Web Development Course will teach you everything you need about current web development frameworks and technologies. It will also show you how to use them to build one-of-a-kind websites.

You will become proficient in front-end (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and back-end (PHP, MySQL, and XML) technologies. Additionally, you’ll learn about AJAX, JSON, and JQuery and how to utilize them to create custom, dynamic, and interactive web apps. 

Use the most well-liked front-end development frameworks, such as React, Angular, and Vue, in this course. Lastly, you’ll learn about Webpack and how to create projects with it.

4. edX: W3Cx Frontend Developer Program

Although web design is a component of web development, you’ll need to understand the principles of JavaScript to add interaction to your websites if you want to create completely functional web apps.

The course covers the fundamentals of HTML, Javascript, and CSS. That helps you improve your skills by learning how to create websites, interactive web apps, and games.

This course is one of the most expensive on the list at around $900, but it also has one of the most comprehensive curricula, which helps to offset the cost. The course lasts roughly seven months, assuming a commitment of five to eight hours per week.

You’ll also receive a certificate of completion to prove your newfound skills after completing the final task. To make it truly outstanding, add real content, which you can write yourself or with the help of a reputable paper writer. You can find them by checking “write my dissertation” on a specialized review platform.

The best candidates for this web design course are web designers who want to gain the additional skills required for web development.

5. Coursera: Introduction to CSS3 by the University of Michigan

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Cascading Style Sheets in this free, four-week online course (CSS3). It places a lot of emphasis on writing CSS rules, testing code, and developing sound programming practices.

You will learn to test pages using standardized POUR accessibility guidelines to ensure that the sites won’t obstruct access for users with physical or mental disabilities.

After finishing the course, you’ll become an expert at creating a design for a specific HTML page. By including colors, layouts, and fonts using this design, you can execute these designs using CSS.

6. Udemy: Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

This course is for you if the technical language of HTML and CSS intimidates you. The course features 11 hours of on-demand video and 52 downloadable resources, making it perfect for beginners. Access to the content is provided for a one-time price, meaning you’ll still have access to it even after completing it.

The instructor and skilled web developer Brad Schiff offers the course through Udemy. He has instructed web development for over 100 businesses and makes an effort to make HTML and CSS understandable to beginners.

You will notice that the content is broken up into 22 manageable portions rather than slamming through enormous information blocks.

A badge of completion will be given to you once the course is finished, and you will learn how to develop a responsive website with a mobile-friendly layout by using effects and animations in CSS3.

The Bottom Line

These are the best web development courses that will help you upskill. If you have any pending reports as you pursue another course, consider reassigning these to a reliable essay writer.