Why You Should Put El Salvador On Your Bucket List For 2023

If you’re looking for a place to travel to in 2023, El Salvador should be at the top of your list. With its stunning beaches and lush jungles, El Salvador is an underrated destination that offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. 

From its vibrant culture to its fascinating history, there are countless reasons why you should experience this amazing country. This article will discuss why El Salvador deserves a spot on your bucket list in 2023 and beyond.

El Salvador’s History

El Salvador is a small country in Central America that is often overshadowed by its larger neighbors, but it has a lot to offer visitors. Rich in history and culture, El Salvador is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the region. 

El Salvador’s history is fascinating. The country was originally inhabited by multiple indigenous groups, such as the Lenca, Maya Chortí, Maya Pocomam, and the Pipil people, who were eventually conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century. El Salvador gained independence from Spain in 1821, but it was not an easy road to democracy. 

The country endured a long civil war from 1980-1992, which resulted in widespread destruction and displacement of families. Despite this dark period in its history, El Salvador has emerged as a thriving nation with a rich culture and plenty to offer visitors.

Fun Things to Do in El Salvador

El Salvador is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. From the lush green mountains to the stunning beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Here are some of the best things to do in El Salvador:

  1. Go on a coffee tour: El Salvador is one of the world’s top producers of coffee. Learn about the country’s coffee culture on a tour of a local plantation or roastery;
  2. Try traditional food: El Salvador’s cuisine is a mix of indigenous, Spanish, and African influences. Try dishes like pupusas (stuffed corn tortillas), yuca con chicharron (fried cassava), and plantain-based dishes like tamales and Platanos Fritos (fried plantains); 
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  4. Visit Mayan ruins: El Salvador was once home to the Maya civilization. Today, you can still see remnants of this ancient culture at sites like Tazumal and San Andres;
  5. Visit the beach: El Salvador has some of the best beaches in Central America. Playa El Tunco is a popular surf spot, while nearby Playa sunzal is renowned for its dramatic cliffs and beautiful sunsets, and Playa Conchal is perfect for snorkeling and swimming;
  6. Explore the rainforest: El Salvador is home to a variety of different ecosystems, including rainforests. Take a hike through one of the many national parks, such as Montecristo National Park, or go zip-lining through the jungle;
  7. Enjoy the nightlife: El Salvador has plenty of bars and nightclubs for those wanting to party. Enjoy live music, dancing, and drinks at one of the many establishments in San Salvador or other cities around the country;
  8. Take a trip to Lake Coatepeque: This stunning lake is located in central El Salvador and is surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. There’s plenty to do but it’s especially a great spot for swimming and fishing;
  9. Go bird watching: El Salvador has a wide variety of birds that make their home in the country’s tropical forests, rivers, lakes, and coasts. Spend some time birdwatching and you might spot species like toucans, parrots, macaws, herons, and more;
  10. Cerro El Pital:  The country’s highest point is a mountain that straddles the border with Honduras. At 8,965 feet (2,730 meters), it’s the perfect place to hike or camp under the stars;
  11. Check out La Isla de los Ángeles: If you’re looking for something truly unique, then you must visit this uninhabited island off the coast of El Salvador that’s home to wild horses and thousands of birds.

The Culture and People of El Salvador

El Salvador has a rich culture and friendly people with a strong sense of community, they are also known for their hospitality. So, visitors to El Salvador can expect to receive a warm welcome from the locals.

The culture is a mix of indigenous, Spanish, and African influences. The majority of the population is mestizo (of mixed indigenous and European descent), but there are also small populations of indigenous people and Afro-Salvadoreans.

The official language of El Salvador is Spanish, but there are also many people who speak indigenous languages such as Nahua and Maya. Family is extremely important in Salvadoran culture, and extended families often live together in close-knit communities.

Religion also plays a significant role in Salvadoran culture, with the majority of the population being Roman Catholic. Traditional music and dance are an important part of the culture, and there are many festivals throughout the year that celebrate the country’s heritage.


El Salvador is a country that has something to offer every traveler and should definitely be added to any travel list. With its stunning beaches, fascinating culture, and friendly locals, El Salvador is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

Whether you’re visiting the Mayan ruins or exploring the natural beauty of Lake Coatepeque, there are plenty of amazing things to do in this Central American paradise. So what are you waiting for? Add El Salvador to your bucket list today!