Interesting films about volleyball players

Volleyball is one of the most dynamic sports. The situation on the field is constantly changing, which requires several qualities from the players: excellent teamwork, good physical ability, tactical wisdom.

Without these qualities, the chances of winning rapidly decline. Volleyball is a game full of passion and tension, it is not only exciting but also inspiring. Directors have made a huge number of films about friendship and the pursuit of success, some of them are based on real events. By the way, safe online casinos nz offer betting on this sport.

Season of Miracles

The film was based on the book by Bill Heftwa and tells a true story that happened to the Iowa City West women’s volleyball team. The team was the champion of their district, but due to the tragic death of the team’s captain, Caroline, the rest of the girls had no reason to continue playing.

Head coach Kathy Bresnahan was able to get the team back together and get them to believe in their own strength and continue playing.

The main storyline in the film is friendship and mutual assistance of the team members, joint overcoming of difficulties and striving forward. The screen adaptation of the book was released in 2018 and is on the list of the best volleyball movies at the moment.

The Impact Factor

The film released in 2008 tell the story of Callie Reyes – a famous volleyball player who is going through bad times in her career. The reason for this was the defeat in the semi-finals of the national championship. The loss was a serious blow not only for Callie but also for the whole team. 

A little later, Callie meets Greg Holden, a talented reporter who assures her that the audience is much more interested in the stories of the losing teams than the winners.

After a while, Callie learns that one of the girls on the opposing team has died under unclear circumstances, and then the police come to her house and tell her that Greg is not a reporter at all. Callie finds herself in a difficult position, she has to decide how to handle the final match and be careful not to fall into the hands of Greg Holden.

All You’ve Got 

The film was released in 2006 and tells the story of the rivalry between two high school volleyball teams, the Phantoms and Madonna. However, tragedy strikes unexpectedly at Madonna’s school, claiming the lives of several students, including the girls on the volleyball team.

The three remaining athletes are forced to move to another school to continue their studies, but there was already a local volleyball team “Ghosts”, which met the newcomers unkindly.

However, the attitude between the schoolchildren changes on the eve of the national championship, in which all efforts must be united. 

Cloud 9

A comedy film made in 2006 tells the story of Billy Cole, a local unemployed man with large debts. To somehow pay off his debts he decides to try his hand at being a volleyball coach, as he was on the volleyball team in high school. To claim a team championship and win a prize, thus paying off the debts.

As a team staff, he decides to hire strippers, who in the first game prick the attention of the audience to themselves not only with good play, but also with naked bodies. However, the girls don’t like it and decide to prove that they can be appreciated first of all for their sporting talent and not for their figure.

Despite the fact that the film is mostly a comedy, it tells about good friendship and mutual support, striving for victory. And also about the fact that everyone’s life can change at any moment, if you put at least a little effort into it.

Iron Ladies 

The film is based on the real story of the Thai volleyball team and was released in 2000. The events unfold in 1996, the main characters love to play volleyball, but because of their unconventional views they feel a lot of pressure and scorn, nevertheless they strive to win the title of champions despite the public opinion.

The film tells a unique story of people with unusual views, who decided not to change themselves to please public opinion, but on the contrary to prove to everyone that people like them also have the right to make their own choices and can do what they love.