Central America

Ruben Zamora Guatemala Journalist

The Imprisonment of Jose Ruben Zamora is an Attack on the Press and a Bellwether for Democracy

Over the past year, the government of President Alejandro Giammattei has engaged in desperate attempts to criminalize journalism in Guatemala. Among the lowest points of this campaign has been the imprisonment and sentencing of prominent investigative journalist José Rubén Zamora. As part of a broad government crackdown to silence and disempower those whose work threatens entrenched corrupt power, Zamora’s … Read more

Guatemala Judicial Court

InSightCrime: Guatemala Elites Meddle Again in Presidential Election, Suspending Results

Guatemala’s highest court has suspended the results of the presidential elections as the country’s elite corruption networks mount a last-gasp attempt to cling to political power. A review of the first round of voting was underway on July 4 after Guatemala’s Constitutional Court (Corte de Constitucionalidad) ruled in favor of nine political parties that appealed the first round results, citing potential … Read more

Honduras Security Forces

InSightCrime: Honduras Anti-Gang Crackdown Targets Only One Source of Violence

The Honduran government is intensifying its anti-gang crackdown following recent outbursts of criminal violence, but its one-size-fits-all response fails to acknowledge the variety of organized crime dynamics at play. President Xiomara Castro announced new security measures on June 22 and June 25, bolstering a state of exception in place since December 2022 that aims to curb gang … Read more

Guatemala Presidential Election

Historic Guatemala Elections Poised to Rattle Corrupt Establishment

It was around 9 p.m. on June 25 when amid the bustling of TV crews and politicians gathered at a dystopian hotel on the outskirts of Guatemala City, it became apparent the country’s presidential election had gone off script. Against all odds, following a campaign overshadowed by impunity, in an election where … Read more

Honduras Security Forces

Honduras President Xiomara Castro orders an offensive against gangs similar to Bukele’s in El Salvador.

Honduran President Xiomara Castro has begun to fulfill her promise to take drastic measures to fight the violence that is bleeding the Central American country dry. On Monday, June 26, the Honduran security authorities announced the results of a police and military offensive against gangs that control the country’s jails. … Read more