Central America

Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica

The Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica to Begin Operations Soon!

The Salvadoran Autonomous Port Executive Commission CEPA recently announced that the ferry service between El Salvador and Costa Rica would commence operations in June 2023. The Ferry is a strategic project by the Salvadoran and Costa Rican Governments to strengthen the commercial exchange between the two nations. In 2020, Costa … Read more

Costa Rica Violence

Cocaine and Marijuana Fuel Ever-Higher Homicides in Costa Rica

Drugs gangs battling over control of Costa Rica’s cocaine trafficking infrastructure and the domestic marijuana market are fueling an increase in violence in the country, which last year saw its highest-ever homicide rate. Between the start of the year and April 27, Costa Rica has recorded a 36% increase in homicides compared to the same period last year, according to the Judicial Investigation … Read more

Salvadoran soldiers

Coca May Have Permanently Taken Root in Central America

Honduran and Guatemalan authorities are eradicating record amounts of coca plants, further evidence of the coca’s expansion beyond the traditional coca-growing region of the Andes and auguring more security challenges ahead. Honduran armed forces uprooted 945,000 coca bushes on a property in Limones, a town in the Olancho Department, they announced in a March … Read more

El Salvador drug Seizure

InSight Crime’s Cocaine Seizure Round-Up 2022

Cocaine seizure figures from Latin America in 2022 suggest traffickers are varying their routes to avoid detection, as authorities get a better grip on spotting trafficking through maritime container ports. As the consumer market for cocaine continues to expand, supply has kept pace, as evidenced by last year’s high seizure figures. Ports participating in the … Read more

Guatemala Sees Record Coca, But No Cocaine

A radical increase in coca eradication in Guatemala has raised questions about the country’s potential role as a cocaine producer, though criminal groups appear to be stuck on crude experiments. Guatemalan authorities destroyed a record total of over 4 million coca plants in 2022, more than double the 1.7 million crops eradicated the previous year … Read more