The Most Interesting Attractions of El Salvador

El Salvador has enough places and activities to surprise even the most experienced travelers. Indeed, it is a country with breathtaking nature, rich culture and history, along with traditional South and Central American hearty cuisine. Sounds interesting already, ha? Well, you haven’t yet heard even half of it. El Salvador can offer a little bit of everything, so any tourist can find attractions and activities for their liking. Let’s learn about the most famous and interesting tourist attractions in El Salvador.

Basic info

So, before planning a trip to El Salvador, you better learn more about it. El Salvador is a rather small country in Central America, yet, it is the most populated one in the region. El Salvador is famous for its coffee, dense population, and beautiful nature. Tourism plays a big role in El Salvador’s economy, so the country tries to accommodate and enhance its exposure to the world. Let’s see what tourists should see when traveling to El Salvador for the first time. 

Lake Coatepeque

Lake Coatepeque is something all tourists will see on the postcards and travel brochures long before actually visiting it in person. Needless to say, locals really admire this natural resort and want others to learn about it, too. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a rare sight to see these days. A magnificent, large lake, surrounded by mountains and forests. It’s truly a jewel of El Salvador and the reason many people from the Americas and further, come to visit this state. 

The lake was formed thousands of years ago in the crater of a volcano (by the way, there is also another active volcano next to this lake). Don’t worry, though. The volcano has been peaceful for generations now, and the lake is a perfect spot for swimming, fishing, and other water activities. Moreover, you can also choose an excursion to the nearby coffee or sugar plantations. The former usually comes with a degustation at the end, and that fact alone should be enough to visit this beautiful region. 

Cerro Verde National Park

The ancient volcano lake is not the only one you can visit in El Salvador. In fact, this small country is surprisingly rich in volcanoes. Those interested in seeing some of them can visit Cerro Verde National Park, home to not one, not two, but three volcanoes together. All of those volcanoes are within walking distance from one another and easy to access. To learn more about their history, you can do some research before visiting. Ordering a paper form proessays, for example, can provide you with all the answers you may need to know. 

However, tourists can enjoy a pleasant walk in the park even without volcano climbing. Here you can observe tropical (yet friendly) flora and listen to the beautiful singing of rare birds. 

Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site

Central and South America used to have some of the most advanced and largest civilizations in the world. Of course, these days, due to colonialism, we are only beginning to learn about the culture and history of those people. However, even tourists can participate in the learning process by visiting archeological sites in the country, for example, Joya de Cerén. 

This unique UNESCO World Heritage site is a place of an ancient Mayan village. Discovered almost fifty years ago, this site sheds much light on how farming villages lived and worked almost 600 AD. Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site is also a rather large attraction to visit, so better to bring some snacks and water with you as you will be there for a while. 

National Theatre of El Salvador

If you are not a big nature lover and prefer the city environment, we urge you to get some cultural experiences then. The best and most memorable way to do it is by visiting the National Theatre of El Salvador. This theatre is one of a kind and will long haunt you by its beauty. Built over a century ago, this National Theatre remains one of the most significant landmarks in El Salvador and the oldest theatre in Central America. To this day, this theatre is open for concerts and plays, hosting over 600 people at a time. However, even if you haven’t been lucky to get tickets for the play, do see the theatre from the outside. It is a gorgeous neo-classical building designed in the best fashion of its time. 

National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology is another great cultural site all tourists should consider visiting. First of all, it’s a beautiful, modern building that will immediately get your attention. However, once inside, you will be fully occupied with the demonstrated history of the nation. The museum looks young and ambitious, giving visitors full information about the past and present of El Salvador. Surely, students in El Salvador always know where to find help with writing term papers on history with museums like this.