5 Cultural Peculiarities of El Salvador

You’ve probably heard of El Salvador at least once. It is a small country washed by the Pacific Ocean. Many tourists come here because of the clean beaches, beautiful nature and volcanoes. However, tourist features and territorial location are far from all interesting aspects worth your attention. Here are five cultural peculiarities of El Salvador that will amaze you.

  1. Religion Matters

Most of the people in this country are Catholic. The fact is that religion plays a big role in the life of any resident. You will be surprised, but ancient beliefs and rituals are closely intertwined with Christianity. In addition, local priests have more influence than judges and police. For example, people can resolve a dispute by visiting a pastor. If the priest has made any decision, it is accepted and not challenged. Regardless of age, people attend churches, and many priests look more like psychologists than classical monks.

If you ever visit El Salvador, you should attend Saturday Mass to hear the people singing in the churches. This country zealously observes and honors Catholicism. You will surely get a lot of positive emotions from visiting this country. But do not forget that you will have to spend at least a week exploring some of the cities. Perhaps you should pay for homework. This solution will allow you not to worry about the little things and observe the local life.

  1. Familiarity Is Undesirable

You will be surprised to learn more about the cultural peculiarities of El Salvador. For example, residents consider it indecent to call each other by their first names. Instead, they use don/donna and only then add the name. This greeting format is considered the only correct one. If you are going to visit this country, you better practice beforehand. Even if you come to the hotel and see the name on the concierge’s badge, you cannot say something like, “Good morning Paola. I want to book a room for three days.” 

But if you call the concierge “Senora Paola,” then everything will be okay. By the way, local men shake hands when they meet and even hug. If you meet a girl you know, then you can hug her too, or even kiss her on the cheek. However, the second point is only suitable if you are close friends. For a start, a hug will be enough.

  1. The Locals Are Very Emotional

Like all citizens of Latin American countries, the people of El Salvador

are very emotional. Having met in a cafe or on the street, people can spend hours discussing an event or news while actively gesturing. These guys can talk for hours, bringing new arguments or nuances. In addition, the locals speak quite loudly and emotionally. Be prepared to emphasize certain syllables, and it will seem to you that they are yelling at you. But this is normal since the locals are always happy to have dialogues and pleasant communication.

  1. Family Dynasties

El Salvador is a country where the family is valued above all else. You will be surprised to find that many people build large houses for 3-5 families. Locals spend most of their time with their families. They even start a business with the support of parents and siblings. The fact is that people believe that only together can they achieve something great. Such traditions cause affection among many tourists. So this is why there are so many family-run cafes, restaurants, and hotels in El Salvador.

  1. Coffee as a Way to Show Hospitality

El Salvador has many coffee plantations, and most of the local population drinks this drink. Moreover, roasting the beans is a bit of a fun pastime. If you are invited into the house, they will offer coffee of any degree of roast. Local people love this drink and believe that coffee is the perfect way to show hospitality. By the way, locals practically do not drink coffee with sugar and rarely add milk.

What Is the Main Secret of El Salvador?

It is no secret that El Salvador is experiencing economic problems. However, you will not see sad faces on the street. The fact is that most people are convinced that happiness comes to those who are open to positive emotions. That is why, even in poor areas, there are many cheerful and cheerful people. So this is the main reason many tourists choose to visit El Salvador. In addition, you will surely enjoy communicating with the locals.


Now you know more about the cultural peculiarities of El Salvador. In most cases, this country is not much different from others. The locals love family activities, are very friendly and hospitable. In addition, religion plays an important role in the life of every family. Therefore, you should visit this country to see happy faces, positive emotions, and unforgettable emotions. You need money for an air flight and some time to create a good tourist route.