El Salvador Universities

History of Language in El Salvador

El Salvador recognizes Spanish as its official language. This is a significant change for a country that has historically been home to a number of different languages, including indigenous languages like Nahuatl and Maya. This new policy will have a number of implications for the country, including in the areas … Read more

El Salvador Universities

10 Best Universities in El Salvador – 2023 Rankings

The land of volcanoes does not strike as the go-to place for world university education. But one of the advantages of being small is that not many people jostle for your resources. El Salvador offers free education to children up to ninth grade. This allows 82% of children to school … Read more

How Popular are Translation Services in El Salvador

While the use of linguists is popular basically all over the world, El Salvador takes a special place because of the American and European expats that live in the country. Another reason for the popularity of translation services in the country is the presence of exchange students who always translate … Read more

All About International Students’ Life in El Salvador

When you visit El Salvador for the first time, you will instantly notice that it is one of the most dynamic and developing countries where everyone is open-minded about innovations and classic learning methods. The people are open-hearted and ready to learn, which is why you will find numerous colleges, … Read more

Scholarships for International Students in El Salvador

Choosing El Salvador as a place to expand your professional skills and continue with your education is one of those amazing options that will not only let you achieve academic success but also allow you to see the world and discover a totally new culture. Even if you are not … Read more

Essay Writing Is an Important Part of the Educational Process in the USA

All college students have to write a lot of essays to pass their exams and graduate. It is one of the most popular types of assignments. Yet, most campus students struggle with it. And it’s for a good reason. The essay writing process is long and tiresome. All the activities … Read more

Digital Marketing Relevance in Higher Education

The world is in continuous change. Nowadays, everyone spends time on the internet. Whether it is just for surfing, searching for information, communicating with people, or working. The times have changed drastically since the Coronavirus pandemic too. Education is now done remotely too, thanks to the technological advancements that have … Read more