San Salvador

10 El Salvador Education Facts

El Salvador’s education sector has made tangible progress in the last two decades. Research indicates that while education has slowly become more accessible to El Salvadoran citizens since the end of the civil war in 1992, multiple challenges remain. Below are the 10 most important facts you should know about … Read more

El Salvador

Best Educational Activities for Travelers in El Salvador

El Salvador is one of Central America’s most coveted and beautiful destinations. It offers a great and rare mixture of culture and fun. According to WorldData, more than 700,000 people visit El Salvador each year. The proceeds generated from the tourism sector exceed 2.5% of the country’s GDP. You might … Read more


5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Education in El Salvador

Although access to education is free for students up to age 14, surveys show that only 82% of students attend classes, with 6% never attending school at all. The adult literacy rate is 79% for men and 73% for women, which means there is a lot to work on and … Read more