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If you live in, have traveled to, know about El Salvador, or Salvadorans anywhere, and have something to say about the country or Salvadorans, you can tell it here.

We are always seeking guest writers who want to write about El Salvador or Salvadorans. If you can provide high-quality content that generates a conversation about the country, or can benefit Salvadorans everywhere, we will publish your work.

As a guest contributor on El SalvadorINFO.net, we will link your blog, business, or social media and help you promote yourself.

Topics to write about.

We want to encourage creativity; therefore, we leave it up the contributor to choose a topic to write about.

Is your article or post is about El Salvador or Salvadorans, we will publish it. Of course, as long as the content is original and is not hateful to others.

The following are some categories; they are there to give you an idea of the type of content we are looking for.

  • Information articles: crime, violence, health, politics, government, etc.
  • Reviews of local restaurants, hotels, cities, etc.
  • Social issues or problems in the country.
  • Opinions or your point of view on the country, its citizens, or any topic about El Salvador.
  • Travel writing. Tell us about your adventures in El Salvador, the good and the bad! Help others to explore the country through your words.
  • Any topic that can be of benefit to Salvadorans anywhere in the world.

The above are just some category ideas. If your post is well-written and pertains to El Salvador or its people, we will accept it.

When you send us your post, please also send us a short bio of no more than 150 words, written in the third person. Additionally, we will need links to whatever you wish to promote; your blog, business, or social media. Without this info, we cannot publish your work.

You can send your post to Eddie Galdamez at [email protected] You can also reach me at my twitter account at @GaldyINFO.

Thank you.
Eddie Galdamez.