The World Surf League Surf City El Salvador Pro championship is set for June 2023 at Punta Roca

By Eddie Vasquez  |  Oct 1st, 2022
World Surf League Surf City El Salvador Pro
Punta Roca Beach El Salvador

The 2023 World Surf League Surf City El Salvador Pro will take place at Punta Roca beach from June 9th to the 18th. This is the second year El Salvador was chosen to host a WSL championship.

The 2023 Championship tour will include 10 regular season events in seven countries, beginning in January with the Billabong Pro Pipeline. El Salvador will host event number seven.

The 2023 Championship Tour calendar is here! 10 regular-season events, a Mid-season Cut after CT Stop No. 5, and the third-annual Rip Curl WSL Finals. The 2023 CT season will also be the top qualification route for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.” World Surf League.

This surfing championship will be a path to Olympic qualification. The final ranking of the ten regular season phases will determine 18 of the 48 spots in the Paris 2024 Games (ten men and eight women.)

This is the second consecutive year Punta Roca beach will host this renowned surfing event. Punta Roca is one of the best surf spots in the country and one of the top beaches in the Salvadoran Surf City project.

2023 World Surf League Championship Schedule

El Salvador to host World Surf League Championship tour Event in June 2022

By Eddie Vasquez | Jun 6th, 2022
El Salvador Surf
El Salvador Surfing. Photo by @surfcity

Once again, El Salvador will be hosting a world-class surfing event. The World Surf League “Surf City El Salvador Pro” event will take place at Punta Roca Beach from June 12th to the 20th.

This surfing event will be stage number seven of the women’s and men’s championship tours. Event number six will be in Indonesia, and event eight in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The World Surf League is placing Punta Roca beach among the world’s best. Other top beaches selected to host WSL events are Pipeline in Hawaii, Saquarema in Brazil, and Peniche in Portugal.

Punta Roca beach is a popular destination for local and foreign surfers; it is part of El Salvador’s Surf City project. This beach is an exceptional location for surfing and relaxation. The event will expose one of the best beaches in El Salvador for surfing to a new worldwide audience.

The Salvadoran beaches are now regularly hosting world-class surfing events; this is good news for the Smallest Country in Central America

We got a good recommendation from the surfers who were there last year (for the ISA World Surfing Games). So when we were looking for a new place to go, this seemed like a good one for us.” Jessi Miley-Dyer “WSL women’s commissioner.”

In 2021, El Salvador held the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games, which was the qualifier for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. It also hosted the Surf City ALAS Pro Tour 2021 Surf Championship.

The event will be the perfect opportunity for international athletes and foreign visitors to get to know El Salvador as a top-level destination with one of the best right-hand waves in the world.

We are proud that, for the first time, El Salvador can host such a big event and that the WSL has had the confidence in the country to organize an event of this type, which is allowing us to promote the country through its waves.” Morena Valdez, Minister of Tourism.

The June event will be a boost for the Salvadoran tourism industry. Although El Salvador has no COVID-19 restrictions, the industry is still recovering from the pandemic.