Women march in El Salvador before International Women’s Day

By Karla Ramos
Monday, March 8th, 2021 7:26 am

women march
Women march in front of the San Salvador Cathedral

Yesterday, a day before International Women’s Day. A group of Salvadoran women took to the streets to demonstrate against violence and inequality. They demand a more significant effort from the Salvadoran authorities to eradicate the different expressions of violence against women.

Also, some in the group once again asked for the reform of Salvadoran abortion laws. The abortion law is an issue that, for now, is not under discussion in the Legislative Assembly.

The groups of women from different organizations gathered in the San Salvador historic district to demand that El Salvador comply with their rights and guarantee access to justice. They also repudiate the rise in cases of femicides and violence against women.

Furthermore, they denounced labor exploitation and sexual harassment at work by supervisors, the lack of a decent wage, hate crimes, the lack of access to the social security system for domestic workers, among others.

Yesterday’s march is part of the International Women’s Day commemoration, which occurs in several countries.

In El Salvador, many women feel afraid of walking alone through public spaces due to constant sexual violence and harassment, ranging from compliments, signs, whistles, and rape.

Also, many girls under the age of 16th, are raped at home by relatives. Salvadoran law forces these children to give birth even if the young girls’ lives are at risk.

With many banners in hand, yesterday’s march is a loud cry for machismo to end in El Salvador. “We are the cry of those who are gone,” was one of the messages written on a banner.

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