Why visit Guatemala? The country of the eternal spring has it all.


Why visit Guatemala? Because it has fabulous colonial towns like Antigua, magnificent Mayan ruins, Lake Atitlan, exotic ecotourism, superb culture, and much more. This nation is also known as the country of eternal spring, has excellent weather for visitors to enjoy.

The country of the eternal spring as it is known is bordered by Mexico to the north and west. Belize and the Caribbean ocean to the northeast. Honduras to the east. El Salvador to the southeast. And the Pacific Ocean to the south.

The bad about Guatemala.

Guatemala, just like Honduras and El Salvador have a terrible reputation as being countries with a lot of violence and crime.

These countries form an area known as the Northern Triangle of Central America. During the 1980s, these countries were shaken by civil wars, that left a legacy of violence and weak institutions.

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Just to give an example, in the last few years, thousands of Guatemalans, many of them unaccompanied minors, have arrived in the United States, seeking asylum from the region’s violence.

The good.

Guatemala is a country of remarkable cultural and natural richness. All of these can be seen in colonial cities like Antigua, great archeological sites like Tikal, and incredible natural lakes like Atitlán surrounded by majestic volcanoes. Undoubtedly, these are just a few of the fantastic things that this country has to offer.

Now, what can we say about the weather? The pleasant climate allows anyone to visit at any time of the year. Therefore, for that reason, people refer to Guatemala as the country with the eternal spring.

Why visit Guatemala, these are some of the top reasons to.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is by far the best colonial town in Central America; the closest in comparison in the area is Suchitoto in El Salvador.

Antigua is absolutely gorgeous; the mix of cobblestone streets, centuries-old buildings, and looming volcanoes in the background make it the ideal colonial city to visit and explore.

Furthermore, this colonial city is the cultural capital of Guatemala; you will find plenty of artisanal goods, bustling markets, local restaurants, traditional clothing, and much more. If you want to know more about Antigua, click here!

The magnificent Mayan ruins

Guatemala is home to over 1000 Mayan ruin sites; these sites are scattered all over its territory. Tikal is the most well known and also the most important.

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Even today, as you explore this nation, you will find many indigenous people who still use Mayan dialects. In Guatemala, you will have plenty of options on which Maya site to visit, there is Tikal, Yaxha, El Mirador, and hundreds of other sites.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atlitan is one of the most visited touristic spots in Guatemala; this lake was made by volcanic eruptions about 80,000 years ago. Additionally, this lake has the added distinction for being the deepest in Central America, it has a dept of about 340 meters.

Lake Atitlan is surrounded by small colorful towns of Maya descent; some of these towns are only accessible through the lake, which makes them more unique. In some of these towns around Lake Atitlan, local Mayans still wear their traditional clothing as everyday attire.

Three majestic volcanoes surround Lake Atitlan, therefore, giving it a unique startling look.

lastly, the area around Lake Atitlan has dense forest ideal for hiking and observing fantastic flora and fauna. If you want to know more about Lake Atitlan, click here!

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is an astonishing set of natural pools hidden in a Guatemalan jungle.

Make sure you go into all the pools, you can start at the top near the waterfall, and from there, work your way down, jumping from one pool to the other.

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At Semuc Champey, you can swim into the natural caves, and also you can jump off the bridge into the blue water.

This marvelous spot is not near any other touristic destination, just to give you an idea of how far is it, it’s about 9 hours from Antigua and it can only be accessed by dirt roads.

Why visit Guatemala
Semuc Champey. Photo by Christopher Crouzet

Guatemala City, reason why visit Guatemala

Guatemala city is another good reason why visit Guatemala; because of its reputation, most visitors skip this city entirely. However, neglecting this capital would be a big mistake. Here are some reasons why you should visit Guatemala City.

  • Guatemala city has magnificent colonial architectural structures such as the National Palace and the National Cathedral.
  • Guatemala City’s markets are great for experiencing local culture and buying souvenirs at the same time.
  • You can enjoy a free beer tour or you can try some local coffee that is known as one of the best in the world.
  • The city has exceptional museums for you to learn about Guatemalan history.

To sum up, there are plenty of reasons for you to spend time in Guatemala City.

The culture

Guatemala’s culture blends cultural heritage from; Indigenous Mayan, European, Latino, and Caribbean influences. Today, ethnic diversity is visible in the various lifestyles and traditions that exist throughout the country.

Conclusion to why visit Guatemala

To sum up, this country, with its richness and diversity, offers visitors many ways to enjoy vacations. Visit Guatemala and explore Antigua or some of the magnificent Maya ruins like Tikal. Also, if you are looking for ecotourism, head on to Lake Atitlan or Semuc Champey, you will love it!
If you need more information about Guatemala, visit the Guatemalan institute of tourism.

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