Why travel to Belize? Top reasons why you should visit.

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Why Travel to Belize? Because of the tropical beaches, the incredible wildlife, the astonishing archeological sites, the dense tropical rainforests, the extraordinary islands, and the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. These are just a few reasons as to why travel to Belize.

This small electric nation is located between Mexico and Guatemala. And year after year, Belize continues to be one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in Central America. Not to mention that this popular trend doesn’t seem that it will end anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it appears that it is continuing to grow at a faster pace.

Here are the top reasons why you should visit Belize. We hope this list helps you in making a decision about visiting this great country.

Travel to Belize and discover its Natural Wonders.

Some of the most amazing natural wonders in Central America and the world. Are located in Belize.



The great blue hole.

One of the top attractions in this country is the great blue hole “The largest sea-hole in the world.” A natural wonder synonymous with Belize that can be seen from space.

And just to enumerate, the hole is circular in shape, over 300 meters (984 ft.) across and 125 meters (410 ft.) deep.

It is essential to point out that to dive into the great blue hole, you need to be an experienced diver. The dive master of each visiting group is the one who makes the call as to whether each diver is an excellent candidate to dive the Blue Hole.

In short, travel to this great nation, the great blue hole is a world-class destination for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Belize Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef runs the entire length of Belize coastline, from Quintana Roo Mexico, to Puerto Barrios Guatemala. This reef system is the most extensive in the Northern Hemisphere.

Furthermore, the crystal blue waters between the reef and the coast are a haven for marine life. As well as an enticing exploratory region for scuba divers and snorkelers. Many species of fish, octopus, lobster, sea turtles, shellfish and other forms of marine life call this reef home.



The spectacular beauty and staggering bio-diverse complexity of the Barrier Reef make it a natural wonder in Central America. Do not miss it!


Experiencing the wildlife in Belize is something that every traveler should do while visiting. Mainly since the rainforest covers half the country, and almost the entire forest is under government protection.

There is a lot of wildlife to appreciate. Such as Jaguars and other big wild cats, colorful parrots like toucans and macaws, and strange creatures from tapir to snake-mimicking caterpillars.

Visit one of the many wildlife sanctuaries that are located all over the country. You will not regret it.

Explore archaeological sites.

The Maya were a mighty civilization that originated in the Yucatan around 2600 BC. They lived in an area that extended from Central Mexico to El Salvador. Admittedly, throughout Belize Maya’s ruins remain as a reminder of the great Mayan civilization. Here are a few of them


Caracol, was the center of one of the largest Maya kingdoms in the region. Is located in the western part of the country, near the border with Guatemala, but within the Belizean part of the Peten rainforest.



Because of its location, this ruin is one of the most challenging to get to. Nevertheless, the trip to Caracol is one of the most scenic drives you will experience.

It includes “Canaa,” one of the tallest pyramid or man-made structure in Belize at 140 feet tall.


Xunantunich in Maya means “maiden of the rock” or “stone woman.” It is located very close to Guatemala, on the Mopan River in southern Belize.

Furthermore, this site is smaller, but contain some impressive ruins. For instance, El Castillo, which at 130 feet tall, is the second tallest Maya structure in Belize.


Lamanai, in Maya, means “submerged crocodile.” This Mesoamerican archaeological site was once a principal city of the Maya civilization. It is located in the banks of the New River Lagoon north of Belize.

To have the chance to see wildlife. Some travelers chose to visit the site via a jungle cruise through the rainforest.

Without a doubt, the three pyramids, the Jaguar Temple, the High Temple, and the Mask Temple are the main attractions to this site. By all means, climb up the High Temple and enjoy a view of the surrounding jungle.

Altun Ha.

Its location is about 31 miles north of Belize City. Altun ha is very popular with travelers because some of the best restored Mayan ruins are located in here.

Surprisingly, this site was only discovered in 1963 and was first excavated between 1965 and 1970.

Travel to Belize and Enjoy tropical Beaches.

This is a beautiful country well known for its stunning beaches. Its long Caribbean coastline has made sure of that.

In Belize, there are islands as well as coastal resorts with plenty of appeals. As a result of that, travelers will have lots of choices for what to do and where to stay.

Best of all, The beaches offer a wide range of activities. Such as, relaxing on the sandy shores with a cocktail, scuba diving at great depths, fishing, snorkeling on the reef, and much more. There is indeed something for everyone to do.

Take a closer look at the stunning beaches and find the top pick for you.

Travel to Belize

Islands of Belize.

Called “Cayes” by locals, Belize Caribbean coastline has more than 200 islands.

These islands vary from uninhabited mangrove islets to more massive, comfortable plots with cozy cabanas, postcard-perfect beaches, and utter seclusion.

If you want to live out that secluded island fantasy or experience the best of Belize’s Caribbean isles, consider visiting one or more of these isles (“Cayes”). A journey of fewer than 2 hours from the mainland will get you there.

Culture and cuisine.

This is a small country of about 400,000 people; nonetheless, the country is culturally rich. It has many ethnic groups, including Creole, Mestizo, Mayan, East Indian, European, Garifuna, Lebanese, Chinese, and Mennonite.

Each one of these ethnics groups brings its own cultural and linguistic traditions to the mix. Many languages are spoken in Belize, but English is the official language.

The wide variety of Belizean cuisine is a blend of all ethnicities in the country. From the early Maya settlement to the more recent influx of many other cultures. The food is a blend of all the different ingredients and flavors.

The list of culinary influences is considerably too long to list here, but you get the point. This melting pot of diverse people and culture extends to the kitchen as much as to the people and cultures of Belize.

Travel to Belize

Are you still not sure as to Why travel to Belize?

As a result, I hope the following list of things to do or sites to visit will entice you to travel to this great nation.

Please keep in mind that this is just a short breakdown of what is available in Belize.

Dense tropical rain forests, longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, natural beaches, historical Maya cities, and fantastic wildlife; are just some of the things waiting for you.

Travel to Belize. Explore this incredible country. You will not regret it!