Volunteering in El Salvador. Finding ways to help others.

 March 6, 2020   By Eddie.

Volunteering in El Salvador is something that many selfless individuals like to do. Every year, people from different countries and ages, venture into El Salvador to do work helping others. These volunteers range from young high schoolers to experienced professionals such as doctors, teachers, nurses, etc.

Why people volunteer is a question that is not easy to answer; each individual volunteering in El Salvador has their own personal reason for doing so.

Volunteering in El Salvador

People do volunteer work for religious reasons, to get extra school credit, or to simply help others. Also, some volunteer to spend time with friends who also volunteer or to visit and explore the country.

In any event, the reasons as to why people do volunteer work in El Salvador varies from person to person; I am just glad they do it.

My kid’s yearly trip volunteering in El Salvador.

On a personal note, I want to share the following related to my kid’s yearly volunteering trip to El Salvador.


My kid is a first-generation Salvadoran American; he was born in the US to Salvadoran parents. Since 2016, when he was a high school junior, he has been doing volunteer work in El Salvador. Every year, he and a group of friends take a yearly trip to El Salvador to help others.

The original 2016 high school group are now either in college or working; nonetheless, most of them still take the yearly trip and do volunteer work.

They spend from 7 to 10 days doing volunteer work, such as building homes for families or volunteering at orphanages; basically, they do whatever task the organization needs them to do.

During their yearly trip, they work most of the days; however, they take days off and visit touristic spots all over the country.

They see volunteering in El Salvador as a fun way to help others, give back to the community, and take a vacation from either work or school.

Doing volunteer work in El Salvador.

When it comes to volunteering, there are plenty of options available all over the world; anyone looking for a volunteering opportunity will have plenty to choose from.

Now, if you are looking for a country to volunteer, look at El Salvador. It is a small country; therefore, getting to the volunteering location will not be hard, even if the place is in a remote rural area.

Also, El Salvador is easy to get to from the US; within a five-hour flight from El Salvador, you can be at a major US city.


Lastly, El Salvador has plenty of touristic and cultural locations that you can explore while volunteering; these spots are a great way to disengage from volunteering work.

Volunteering opportunities in El Salvador.

The following organizations have volunteering opportunities in El Salvador.

Before deciding, make sure you do your research; find out everything about the organization and the area the work will be taking place at.

CIS El Salvador

The CIS organization was founded in 1993; after the end of the armed conflict in El Salvador. People from Europe, Canada, and the US got together with Salvadoran organizations; they wanted to create a center to promote better relationships between people after the war.

According to its website, CSI is looking for people to volunteer as English teachers, grassroots community organizers, and election volunteers.

Reto Juvenil International.

Reto Juvenil International is an organization based in Costa Rica. This organization focuses on educational programs that create better education conditions for the children of the country.

Volunteers and staff of Reto Juvenil work to meet all the needs that any specific community might have. Also, they look to improve the social and economic welfare of the country as a whole.


Teaching you.

Teaching you is an organization that focuses on teaching English at public schools in the Santa Tecla area.

According to its website, the organization was founded by a group of former volunteers from different nations; their goal was to continue to help the country.

The teaching you volunteering program allows volunteers to teach English at primary or secondary public schools in the area.

CINDE Foundation.

The CINDE Foundation is an organization that supports comprehensive educational programs for children and young adults; they focus on excluded social sectors of the country.

Additionally, they have a socio-economic program for women working in the informal sector in El Salvador.

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador.

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador’s goal is to have a world where everyone has a suitable place to live, they help build homes, communities, and hope.

The non-profit organization was founded in the country in 1992; over this time, Habitat for Humanity El Salvador has benefited more than 160 thousand Salvadorans. Habitat El Salvador is part of the global organization Habitat for Humanity International.

Project RED

Project RED works with the families of children who have been living in orphanages and have been placed in the homes of members of their biological families as a result of a law in El Salvador.

All of the organizations listed here do a fantastic job helping Salvadorans. If volunteering is not for you, you can always make a donation and help them help others.

Volunteer in El Salvador
Volunteer teaching arm wrestling

Volunteering in El Salvador.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience; those who do it will most likely remember it for the rest of their life. So, if you ever feel the need to help others, look into volunteering in El Salvador.

In El Salvador, you will find organizations with free or low-cost volunteer opportunities. International and local charities, NGOs, non-profit organizations, and animal sanctuaries offer excellent opportunities to do volunteer work in El Salvador.
My point of view on Volunteering in El Salvador.
In my opinion, volunteering is a great way to teach kids growing up to care for others and for the community. That is one of the reasons that when my kid asked to let him go to El Salvador and volunteer, I said yes.

I hope that others, just like him, look into helping others or the community. El Salvador and the world would be a better place if we take the time to help others.