Visit Panama. A beautiful country with plenty of things to do and see.

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Visit Panama and watch the sunrise on the Pacific and sunset on the Atlantic! Central Panama has the unusual distinction of having the sunrise over the Pacific and set over the Atlantic. This tropical country lies at the center of the American continents, and it is a vital link to the Pacific and Atlantic through the Panama Canal.

The canal, considered to be the human engineering masterpiece of modern times runs across the country. It provides the essential shipping route connecting the western and eastern worlds.

About Panama

Panama is a good mix of the modern and the olden colonial days with its tall skyscrapers, nightclubs, and casinos. But at the same time retaining its old colonial buildings and maintaining a rain forest in the middle of the buzzing city in its Natural Metropolitan Park.

The country has a population of over 4 million people. A large portion of these Panamanians are residing in Panama City and its suburbs.



Panama City

The Capital is Panama City, which is one of the most important cities in Central America. With the whole metropolitan outlook is the ideal place for living.

Panama city is the place for expats and retirees looking for a more metropolitan lifestyle to move to. There are already many people from various countries living in this city in perfect harmony.

Panama City offers many unique experiences to visitors. Furthermore, this great city is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan in Central America.

Additionally, it provides a perfect balance of buzzing metro and serene tropical escapes. It gives and presents all the noise of a modern urban city with chaos, confusion, traffic jams, and other business centers amid towering construction sites.


Tourism is a very active and significant industry in this nation. This country is well known for its natural beauty with hills and mountains in the central region, and about 500 rivers and streams that flow to the oceans on either side of the country.

Visitors to Panama revolve around the business visitors and those who come to enjoy the beautiful beaches and lush countryside on the interior areas of the country.



Panama receives a steady flow of tourists throughout the year from the United States, Canada, Europe, South, and Central America. The proximity to the US and the easy access from many major cities makes it an ideal place for short getaways.

Without a doubt, you have to go and see the Panama Canal in its operation. It is one of the most important places you have to visit and spend your time admiring the engineering marvel of modern days.

For those who are naturally inclined, there are a lot of getaways by way of green and lush green rain forests, unique and exquisite animals and birds that add more to your journey of Panama.

Visit Panama and see why this country has one of the best economies in the region.

The economy of Panama is mostly based on its service sector, especially on tourism and banking. Significantly, the Canal gives a substantial income to the country.

Due to the high influence of the US on every aspect of the Panamanian life, we can say that the economy of the country is more or less dollarized with a very low inflation rate.

As such the US dollar is one of the primary currencies of Panama, along with Panama’s own Balboa currency having almost 1: 1 exchange rate with the US Dollar.



Banking, Commerce, Tourism are some of the top sectors that are giving more income to the country.

Furthermore, agriculture is also prevalent in the remote and interior parts of the country. The main produce from the agricultural sector are bananas, coffee, chicken, coconuts, timber, beef, corn, potatoes, rice,, shrimp, cocoa beans, soybeans, and sugar cane, etc.

Fisheries and Agriculture in Panama contribute a small percentage of the nations GDP. Whereas the services sector provides more than 1/3 of the total GDP.

The Panama Canal has brought it more development to the country, especially to Panama City and surrounding areas. But it is a sad fact that more than 40% of the population still live in poverty.

Many studies have shown that Panama is an unequal country, in as much as the poor are very poor while the rich are very rich.

Visit Panama and experience the culture.

Panamanian culture is very traditional in nature. Its history can be traced from the days of the indigenous and aboriginal tribes who were living in this part of the continent to today’s modern times.

The culture and traditions of the olden days have given way to the modern metropolitan culture. It is a hybrid of the African, native Panamanian with high influence of the European culture especially of Spain as it was its colony for more than two centuries.

Spanish is the official language and is widely spoken. Although English is also used mostly in the cities and urban areas of the country.

Before Spain made Panama its colony, the country was inhabited by indigenous tribes. Some of these tribes have descendants that are still living in the remote interior parts of the country. And as such Panama’s culture and tradition are as old as the country itself.

More About Panama

Panama offers visitors many things to keep them engaged and enjoying their time in the country. The sandy beaches on the Caribbean side as well as on the Pacific side attracts many visitors.

In summary, Panama is a beautiful country sitting at the center of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It provides the right mix of the country life mixed well with the turbulent metro life.

Whether you are visiting or living in Panama, you will be surprised by Panama’s culture and beauty. Visit Panama, you will love it!

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