US extends TPS for Salvadorans for one more year.

October 28th, 2019

TPS for Salvadorans has been extended for one more year is what President Bukele and the US ambassador in El Salvador announced on October 28th. This additional 12 months can help Salvadorans with temporary protected status or TPS look for alternative ways to get permanent status.

This extension does not come with any guarantees that lead to permanent status; nonetheless, it’s great news for those with TPS and their families.

Personally, I have a few friends that currently have TPS and were extremely worried because of the current TPS was set to expire early next year. Today, they are happier and are looking forward to have a chance to become legal residents with the additional 12 months.

Many politicians and business owners see this a something good, not only because it helps many Salvadorans with more time; but because they see it as a good sign that the new administration will be looking to the US as a close allied. Something that the previous administration was against it.

On the other side.

Some people, especially those critical of President Bukele and his administration, are beginning to suggest that the US will use this extension as leverage on El Salvador.

They argue that President Bukele needs to be firmer and condemned President Trump and his anti-immigration policies.

These people doing most of the talking, do like the extension; however, they feel like the US will be more forceful, and use the TPS extension as a tool when it comes to policies and trade between the two nations.

My opinion on the TPS for Salvadorans extension.

I am happy that this extension is a reality; and I don’t know if the United States or Trump will use it to force El Salvador when it comes to bilateral matters.

That is something President Bukele and his administration will have to deal with if it ever comes out. But, as for me, I am happy about it!

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