Upgrades at Plaza Salvador del Mundo are almost Done!

By Karla Ramos  |  Oct 2nd, 2023
Plaza Salvador del MundoPlaza Salvador del Mundo. Image by FOVIALITO.

Plaza Salvador del Mundo, located in the heart of San Salvador, is a vibrant urban square and iconic landmark in El Salvador. This bustling plaza showcases the impressive Divine Savior of the World Monument. Plaza Salvador del Mundo is a captivating symbol of national pride in El Salvador.

Lately, personnel from the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and trusted inmates have been doing work renovating and cleaning the Salvador del Mundo Plaza.

One of the new attractions of said space will be a mirror-type fountain where the public will be able to observe various digitally generated images.

We are making Salvador del Mundo square more beautiful so that tourists can visit this public space that today has a mirror-type fountain. Ministry of Public Works.

According to the authorities, the work seeks to provide a comfortable space for citizens; for that reason, they are adding adequate infrastructure that facilitates the safe mobility of pedestrians and tourists.

Plaza Salvador del Mundo is one of the most visited emblematic plazas in San Salvador; it is near other famous landmarks in the San Salvador Historic District.

Plaza Salvador del Mundo, formerly called “Plaza Las Américas,” is the site of the Divine Savior of the World Monument, considered the national symbol of the country.