Twitter User “The Commissioner” Convicted for Expressions of Violence Against Women on Social Media

Samayoa Was Condemned for Expressions of Violence Against Female Deputies

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Dec 19th, 2023
El Comisionado Twitter user

Luis Samayoa, known on Twitter as The Commissioner, was convicted for expressions of violence against women on social media. Samayoa was sentenced yesterday by the Specialized Sentencing Court for a Life Free from Violence and Discrimination for Women (LEIV).

Samayoa was convicted for the crime of expressions of violence against women on social media against four deputies of the political party New Ideas, Alexia Rivas, Ana Figueroa, Marcela Pineda, and Rebeca Santos.

The Specialized Court ordered Samayoa to pay a fine of six minimum wages in the commercial sector, equivalent to about $2,500 for each deputy. Furthermore, the court ordered him to issue a public apology to the four parliamentarians.

All four deputies attended the public hearing, and upon concluding the proceedings, they expressed their contentment with the outcome.

This day, history is made in our country; expressions of violence against women must be punished. Women, do not be afraid to report abuse that damages your morals, your integrity, your health, or your physique. Deputy Ana Figueroa.

“What he did definitely hurt us, not just locally but nationally. Just as he was in charge of replicating these denigrating messages towards us, we also hope that now he will be in charge of replicating the public apologies to the different media outlets,” expressed Alexia Rivas.

The prosecutor’s accusation established that Samayoa, through a Twitter account, now X, published misogynistic and denigrating messages against four deputies from the Nuevas Ideas political party.

“One thing is freedom of expression, and another is attacking the integrity of people. Freedom of expression cannot be used to commit crimes,” stated Salvadoran Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado, in 2022.

In El Salvador, the alarming rise of violence against women on social media, especially women in politics, is a pressing concern.

Online platforms have become breeding grounds for harassment, threatening the safety and well-being of women, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address this pervasive issue as part of Salvadoran culture.