Travel to El Salvador on a budget. Tips on how to do it.

By Eddie.
Saturday, January 18th, 2020
Travel to El Salvador on a budget

Do you want to travel to El Salvador on a budget? If, yes, the best way to get it done is to save on airfare, accommodations, transportation, food, and to visit during the less popular months. So, without a doubt, traveling to El Salvador on a budget is easy to accomplish!

The amount of money needed to visit El Salvador will depend on what you want to do and how you want to move around the country.

Travel to El Salvador on a budget

Obviously, your most significant expenses are going to be airfare and local transportation. Visiting El Salvador on a budget can be accomplished by implementing the following.

Save money on Airfare

While visiting El Salvador, airfare is going to be the most substantial expense that you are going to have. However, you can save some money if you do some of the following.

  • Don’t take a direct flight to El Salvador. Sometimes, depending on the location you are traveling from, airfare is cheaper if you catch a flight that is not direct.
  • Look for low-cost airlines. There are a few low-cost airlines that have flights to El Salvador. An example of this type of airline is Volaris; this airline offers lower airfare. However, you will have to pay additional fees if you have luggage, want early check in, or want to assign seats.

    Avianca is the official airline to El Salvador and the one most Salvadoran use. However, because of the high demand, their airfare always seems to be more expensive than other airlines.

  • Travel in the middle of the week. Traveling during non-peak days is also a great way to find lower airfares.
  • Avoid travel during the busy season or months. Just like any other destination, some months or dates are more expensive than others. So, try to avoid the most popular traveling months to El Salvador.
  • Look into taking a less popular flight time. Taking flights during hours that are not popular is another way of finding lower airfares. Almost all travel routes have less popular flight times, therefore, they might be cheaper.

To sum up, looking for a less expensive way to get to El Salvador is one of the best ways to save money and travel to El Salvador on a budget.

Save on accommodations and travel to El Salvador on a budget.

A great way to save money while visiting El Salvador is to look for cheaper accommodations. These accommodations, even though they are less expensive, are excellent for spending a few days in them and saving money.

So, instead of staying at conventional hotels, look to stay at hostels or vacation rentals. These hostels or vacation rentals, probably will not offer the same amenities as a conventional hotel might; nevertheless, they give an all-embracing atmosphere ideal for budget travelers.

Additionally, look to stay in less expensive but safe areas of the country; each city will have areas that are more expensive than others.

The following are regular prices per night in four popular areas of the country. These prices are for November 2019; use them as a way to see different hotels, hostels, and prices.

List of Hostels in El Salvador

To give you an idea of the cost per night, I used; but keep in mind that the low-cost hostels do not advertise on these sites. Therefore, you might be able to find even cheaper accommodations.

To sum up, low-cost and safe accommodations in El Salvador are not hard to find; staying at one of these locations is a way to travel to El Salvador on a budget.

Save on transportation and travel to El Salvador on a budget.

A sure way to travel to El Salvador on a budget is to save on transportation. Most of the touristic spots are near towns where you can stay at a low cost; from there, take day trips to visit those touristic spots.

So, after you choose which town or area you are going to stay at, make a list of the touristic spots you want to visit and then see about the cheapest way to get there.

To visit these spots, take public transportation instead of private shuttles. If you stay at a town with a lot of tourists, the city will have plenty of information on how to get to the touristic spots at a low cost.

Now, if the touristic destination you are want to get to is farther away, take shuttles. However, look into taking a group shuttle instead of a private one, it will cost way less.

Even though I recommend taking public transportations instead of shuttles. If this is your first time visiting El Salvador, I suggest you get a shuttle from the airport to your hotel or hostel. Particularly, when staying at a location that will require you to change buses.

To get more information on shuttle cost, see one of the many tour companies in El Salvador. Saving on transportation is also one of the best ways to travel to El Salvador on a budget.

Save on food while traveling to El Salvador on a budget.

Eating at the right locations is a sure way to save money while traveling in El Salvador on a budget. In the right place, specifically, where locals eat, you can have three meals a day for less than $10.00 per person.

To save money on meals, avoid eating in conventional establishments, especially in the larger cities. The food and portions at these restaurants might be better, but of course, the cost will be higher.

Also, look into the hotel or hostel you are staying at, some of them offer free typical Salvadoran breakfast; if they do, that is one less meal that you will have to pay for.

On a personal note, I have eaten in a lot of these small restaurants in El Salvador. I can attest for sure that the meals taste great and the portions are big enough.

Furthermore, if you want to save even more, make your own meals; some of the hostels will have a kitchen that you can use. Groceries in El Salvador cost less; they will be even cheaper if you buy them at the local market instead of a supermarket.

So, while visiting El Salvador on a budget, save money by eating where locals eat, look for free meals at the hotel or hostel, or prepare your own meals. Take a look at the best Salvadorian food!

If you want to travel to El Salvador on a budget, avoid the most popular months.

El Salvador, just like any other country, has specific months or weeks that are more expensive to travel.

Well, if you still want to visit El Salvador on a budget during any of these times, it can be done. However, be prepared to pay a little bit more, especially on airfare and accommodations.

Some of the specific dates to avoid are during the eastern week, the first two weeks in August, Around September 15th or independence day, and during Christmas.

Avoiding these dates will save you money; therefore, allowing you to visit El Salvador on a budget.

Travel to El Salvador on a budget.

As I previously mentioned, to travel to El Salvador on a budget is easily accomplish if you make a plan and stick to it.

Obviously, saving on airfare is the most important and the one that will save you the most, followed by choosing the right accommodations, spending less on meals, and finally choosing the right time to visit.

El Salvador is a great location to visit, especially if you are on a budget; the country has plenty of things for travelers to do at a low cost.

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