Five things to do in San Salvador, get to know them today!

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Jan 20th, 2021
things to do in San Salvador

Some of the best things to do in San Salvador are to visit the historic district, explore the historic buildings, visit a museum, taste the local gastronomy, and go shopping.

San Salvador, the nation’s capital, is a city that most visitors don’t include on their list of places to visit. For a long time, San Salvador has been considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country and the world. Well, that is not the case anymore! The capital city of San Salvador is no longer one of the most dangerous cities and the world.

Things to do in San Salvador
View of San Salvador

Just in case you decided to take a chance and visit the capital of the smallest country in Central America, here are five of the best things to do in San Salvador.

  1. Exploring the historic district.
  2. Appreciating historic buildings.
  3. Visiting a museum.
  4. Tasting the local gastronomy.
  5. Going shopping.
El Salvador Capital
San Salvador Historic District Photo by: Ruth Preza

1. Exploring the historic district.

The San Salvador historic district is the heart of the city. This is the area that for centuries served as the central point for the government. The National Palace located in this area was used as the offices of the president, the supreme court, and the legislative branch.

The historic district located in the city’s downtown area has landmark plazas, iconic buildings, beautiful churches, and much more.

There is no question that the historic district must be a top area to explore while visiting San Salvador.

El Rosario Church
El Rosario Church in San Salvador

2. Appreciating and exploring historic buildings and plazas.

The capital city of San Salvador is home to some of the most amazing iconic plazas and buildings. These plazas have bear witness to historical events such as the call to independence from Spain and tragic ones such as the attack of Saint Romero’s mourners by army personal.

San Salvador is home to iconic buildings such as the national palace, the national theater, the El Rosario church, and the national cathedral. The beauty is that the most famous buildings are located in the same area; therefore, you will be able to explore many of them in one day.

3. Visiting a museum.

Another fun thing to do in San Salvador is to explore the local museums; they offer a great insight into El Salvador’s culture and history. Some of the options available are the National Museum of Anthropology, the Art Museum (MARTE), the Museum of Popular Art of El Salvador, and the museum of images and words.

4. Tasting the local gastronomy.

San Salvador is home to many establishments that serve some of the best traditional Salvadoran foods and drinks. You have the option to try the local gastronomy at regular restaurants, or you can be more adventurous and try the local markets or street vendors. All of these establishments offer excellent and tasty Salvadoran gastronomy.

5. Going shopping

There is no better way to help the Salvadoran economy than spending some money shopping at the local markets. San Salvador offers great shopping locations such as Metrocentro. However, you can visit some local markets and buy some great local arts and crafts, which are great to give as gifts. San Salvador has plenty of options for shopping.

Metropolitan Cathedral
San Salvador Cathedral

Things to do in San Salvador.

San Salvador, the capital city of El Pulgarcito de America, is worth visiting; there are plenty of things to do in San Salvador.

Head on to the San Salvador historic district and explore the fantastic buildings and plazas; also, visit one of the many small food places locates in this area and try the local gastronomy.

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