Best things to do in Roatan Honduras.

Roatan Honduras By: James Willamor

Undoubtedly the best things to do in Roatan Honduras are scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, spending time at the tropical beaches, ziplining through the forest, and much more. Furthermore, the tropical weather, the Caribbean beaches, and the culture are more reasons to visit this bay island.

This tropical Caribbean island is located about 40 miles off of the northern coast of Honduras. And it is the largest and most populated of The Bay Islands. Furthermore, this tropical Caribbean islands runs along the edge of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System also known as the Maya Barrier Reef; and because of that, it makes it a more attractive tourist destination.

In Roatan, there are so many activities to do and places to see; To experience all of them you will need to stay for longer than seven days.

Here are some of the best things to do, see, and experience in Roatan.



Scuba Diving in Roatan Island

Some of the best diving in Central America and the Caribbean can be found in the waters surrounding Roatan. Additionally, having the world’s second largest barrier reef near the island’s coastline makes Roatan one of the world’s top diving destinations.

Located at the southern end of the Maya Barrier Reef or Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, it’s no wonder that on any dive you could see dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and other marine life. The waters in Roatan are one of the best places for diving in Central America.

In Roatan, there are about 140 or more diving sites around the island alone. Just remember that each dive site might require a different skill level.

It suffices to say that on this island, you can take a vacation from your vacation and explore a different dive site every day of your stay.

Deep Sea Fishing or Boating

If you happen to be in Roatan; make sure to take full advantage of the magnificent Caribbean waters by going on a deep sea boating or deep sea fishing trip. This is where you can make some great memories with friends, family, or even strangers. You can not go wrong with either deep sea fishing or deep sea boating.

Roatan fishing companies offer an exciting experience for sport fishing enthusiasts of any level. The vast variety of charters available have excellent knowledge of fishing hotspots, and at the same time using the best equipment and safety gear.



Most of the fishing packages generally include all fishing gear and equipment. Some companies also offer pick up and drop off, along with refreshments.

Whether you go deep sea fishing or deep sea boating, it does not make a difference; either way, you will have a great time enjoying the Caribbean waters.

Snorkeling is one of the best things to do in Roatan Honduras

Roatan snorkeling is one of the best in Central America. In addition to being one of the most popular activities for travelers visiting the island.

Just to emphasize snorkeling in Roatan, there are over 100 snorkeling sites around the island, with several of them being accessible quickly from the beach. Just think about it, only by going a few meters offshore, you will be able to see corals, sea turtles, stingrays, moray eels and plenty of colorful fishes.

The clear and calm waters of Roatan help to make it an ideal place to learn more about snorkeling, and it is a perfect place for beginners to learn and for experienced snorkelers to explore.

If you are a beginner, the calm protected shallow waters around West Bay Beach, West End, and Half Moon Bay are perfect for you and other first-time snorkelers. Snorkeling in Roatan is easy enough that anyone can learn how to do it correctly and enjoy it.



Roatan island water activities

At Roatan island, you will be able to find plenty of water activities to keep you busy during your visit.

You can experience the phenomena of Roatan’s reefs and marine life without getting wet; there are boat tours with a glass-bottomed boat or Semi-Submarine that hovers over. You will get a bird’s eye view of the fantastic coral and fish below.

Additionally, you can go deeper by taking a submarine tour; you will descend as far as 1500 feet to search for elusive creatures.

Furthermore, you can try jet skiing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, or windsurfing. Try the windsurfing school at Sandy Bay and set sail along Roatan’s calm, protected waters.

Experiencing Roatan kayaking on its calm and tranquil shores is a favorite water activity to do. The shallow waters make for some of the easiest and exciting paddles as you float above the coral reef, along pristine sandy beaches, and into secluded coves. At Roatan you can choose from guided kayaking tours to self-guided paddles, it is all up to you.

Relaxing at the tropical beaches is one of the best things to do in Roatan Honduras.

The tropical beaches at Roatan are some of the best in the Caribbean and in Central America. The warm water temperatures are almost always around 27c or 80f, which is perfect for enjoying the great tropical beaches.

Roatan’s West Bay Beach is conceivably the most famous strip on the island; some describe the white sand beaches as pitch perfect for enjoyment. West Bay offers a variety of facilities including dive resorts, restaurants and pubs, water sports equipment, and souvenir shops.

Half Moon Bay and West End are also great for swimming and relaxation; and just like in West Bay Beach, you will find plenty of facilities for you to visit. Additionally, water taxis are available to connect visitors to West Bay, West End, and Half Moon Bay.

Now if you are looking for beaches that are more secluded or something off the beaten path; the beaches along the northern coast are perfect, they are less visited, and you may even find one all to yourself.

Land Activities in Roatan island

Any traveler looking for land adventure can enjoy many of the interesting activities available in this island; such as flying above the forests on a zip line, visiting the Mangrove tunnels, or going on an eco-adventure trip through the forests.

For any traveler looking to explore more of local Roatan; a mangrove shore tour is perfect for escaping the crowds. You can travel through a small canal system on a small boat where you have a chance to discover and meet local people. Furthermore, you can visit a Sloth Sanctuary or an Iguana Farm a learn more about local Roatan.

Finally, for those looking for relaxation, the spa experiences in the jungle or at the beach are sure to put your entire body and mind at ease. Relaxing in the open-air while overlooking the Caribbean waters and enjoying a massage treatment is just perfect utopia.

Roatan Honduras

The Culture at Roatan island

Being that the island has a revolving door of people; some who settle in and some who just visit; Roatan’s culture could be described as one of the most colorfully diverse in Central America.

Roatan is part of Honduras, whose official language is Spanish. However, there are a lot of Roatan’s residents whose first language is English. Besides, In Roatan, you will find a large number of the island’s estimated 50,000+ locals; speaking English, Spanish, and a few indigenous’ languages. Additionally, you will find other people speaking languages from all over the world; such as French, German, Italian, and others.

The culinary part of Roatan culture is equally as diverse as their language. Without a doubt, it is easy to find and eat the convenience foods found at any tourist destination in Central America. Nevertheless, if you are looking for authentic local Roatan cooking; just look a little deeper and venture outside the comfort of the convenience food and you will discover all the island’s culinary influences.

Conclusion. Things to do in Roatan Honduras.

To summarise, most people travel to Roatan generally for the obvious reasons: the sun, the sand, and the sea. However, once people begin to explore Roatan, they frequently find themselves in love with everything else the island has to offer.

The top things to do in Roatan Honduras and the variety of fun and adventurous activities available to do is one of the many reasons people from many countries choose to travel or move to Roatan.

Roatan Honduras

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