Sometimes, the worse enemy of a Salvadoran is another Salvadoran.

January 2nd, 2020

The expression, “The worse enemy of a Salvadoran in another Salvadoran” is something that I have heard over the years. I have seen it a few times with Salvadorans who have immigrated to the US; once they make it and return to El Salvador, they treat family or friends like they are beneath them.

Also, I have seen it in social groups like Reddit or Facebook, especially when it comes to immigration. Some Salvadorans, who are now legal in the US, discriminate against illegal immigrants; without regard that they or their parents are immigrants as well.

The case of Andy and the band El Salvador, Grande Como Su Gente.

This is a case that has been trending in El Salvador yesterday and today. This band was set to be a part of the Rose Parade in California.

Andy is a member of this band. According to Andy, he was left out of the trip because he was not able to pay a fee of $500.00 set by the organizers.

The question many people have is; why you need it to pay that fee since the trip was paid in part by the Salvadoran government and organizations in the US.

Putting the fee and flight money together.

Andy denounced on social media that it was not right for the event organizers to ask for that fee. People on social media helped put the fee together, and President Nayib Bukele help paid for his flight. So, in the end, the money was put together and Andy flew to California.

The incident in California.

This is the part that many Salvadorans, including myself, are not happy about it. Right before the parade, Andy was forcefully removed by police while he was already in full uniform, and in the middle of the street with the rest of the band.

There is no clear reason why he was removed by the police. Furthermore, band director Enot Rubio has not made any declarations regarding this issue.

All over social media, you can see images and videos of Andy being removed by the police and feeling ashamed.

I don’t know the exact reasons why he was not allowed to fly with the band or participate in the event; he said it was the money, time will tell if this is true or if it’s something else.

Also, none of the other band members have spoken about the issue or have come to Andy’s defense; why is that?

Why many people are upset about it.

Many Salvadorans are questioning why was the issue handled this way.

  • Why was he allowed to be on the street with the band? Was this done so he could be forcefully removed and publically shamed?
  • If he was not part of the registered band, why was this matter not solved beforehand?

Needless to say, the acts of the band directors will have implications on the band and its members. President Bukele announced that this band was never again going to receive money from the government and that the country was going to form its own marching band.

Like I said at the beginning, The worse enemy of a Salvadoran is always another Salvadoran thinking he or she is better or has more power.


Now is being reported that people are verbally attacking band members on their social media profiles.

My issue is not with the band members, it’s unfair that they have to be paying for what the directors or organizers are not willing to do; that is to make a statement and take responsibility for what happened, either good or bad.

This is another perfect example of Salvadorans being the worse enemies of other Salvadorans. Why are they attacking band members? Some of them are as young as twelve! Are they the ones responsible for everything that happened? In my opinion, no!

My point of view.