Izalco volcano

City of Santa Ana El Salvador

City of Santa Ana El Salvador. A Place With Historical Landmarks, Eco-Tourism, and Modern Comforts


The city of Santa Ana, El Salvador, is the second-largest in the country; it is the capital of the coffee-producing department of Santa Ana in western El Salvador. Santa Ana City, also known as La Ciudad Morena (The Brown City,) is about 60 kilometers northwest of the country’s capital, San … Read more

Volcanoes in El Salvador

Exploring Volcanoes in El Salvador: A Journey Through the Land of Volcanoes

The volcanoes in El Salvador range from towering stratovolcanoes such as Izalco, Santa Ana, San Vicente, and Chaparrastique to eroded volcanoes resembling a mountain such as Guazapa and Cerro Verde. El Salvador is called the land of volcanoes because it has 170 volcanoes in its territory and lies in the … Read more