Salvadoran Government Gives FREE Computers to All Students in Public Schools

Salvadoran Government continues giving FREE computers to all students in public schools


Salvadoran First Lady Gabriela de Bukele started the delivery of tablets for kindergarten and first-cycle students at the Nursery School of Puerto de La Libertad on February 14, 2023. It is part of the Government’s program that ensures all students in public schools get a FREE computer or tablet. In … Read more

El Salvador tax evasion

El Salvador tax evasion. The new government unit is going after tax evaders.

On Tuesday, Nov 8, the Salvadoran government announced a new tax evasion unit called the “Tax Evasion Repatriation Unit.” The unit’s primary purpose is to investigate transactions between Salvadoran companies or individuals and tax haven countries. According to the Salvadoran government, it is estimated that El Salvador tax evasion costs … Read more