Supreme Electoral Tribunal “TSE” Investigates Social Media Violence Against Women in Politics

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Dec 4th, 2023
Nuestro Tiempo Candidate Celia MedranoDelivering complaint to the TSE on November 27. Image by Celia Medrano.

The Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) summoned this Monday, December 4, the women of the Nuestro Tiempo political party who presented complaints of Social Media Violence against them to provide additional information regarding their complaints.

Among the individuals summoned is Celia Medrano, the vice-presidential candidate for Nuestro Tiempo.

We responded to a summons from the TSE to expand the complaint about political violence against women candidates of Nuestro Tiempo. The truth is that not much is expected from the TSE, but they [TSE] must be responsible by guaranteeing that Women exercise their right to participate in politics free of violence. Celia Medrano.

On November 27, Celia Medrano and other female candidates of Nuestro Tiempo presented a complaint to the TSE, the highest electoral authority, to act to stop digital political violence against women in politics.

Attacks against women occur daily and are generated from supposedly anonymous accounts on social networks. “Virtual violence encourages, justifies, and precedes physical violence. That is why it is necessary to prevent it,” remarked the Nuestro Tiempo candidates.

The candidate for deputy of San Salvador, Irma Tapia, assured that they received an average of 300 attacks daily through social media networks; they delivered a sample of these attacks to the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

“Participating in politics is currently recognized only for ‘brave women’, but it must be a right that every woman can exercise without fear of being denigrated or attacked with lies and hatred for daring to be a candidate and offer a different option to the population,” declared the Nuestro Tiempo candidate.

According to Medrano, the TSE appointment aims to expand the collective complaint made on November 27 by candidates from the Nuestro Tiempo political party. However, Medrano reiterated that she does not expect much from the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

It is up to the TSE to fulfill its responsibility of activating mechanisms to guarantee that women candidates from political parties that are not from the ruling party can participate under equal conditions, that is, without being the object of political violence by part of official officials. Celia Medrano.

Women in politics have long faced the challenge of targeted attacks, a persistent problem in Salvadoran politics. Despite the deplorable nature of these assaults, they are not a recent development and have been part of the political landscape for years.