special commission

Special Commission to investigate the Executive branch’s pandemic actions.


Today, the Legislative Assembly created a Special Commission to investigate the irregular actions of the Executive Branch, which affected the treatment, prevention, and combat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 57 votes, mainly from the main political parties, ARENA and FMLN, the new special commission was approved.

The investigative commission was created under Article 54 of the Legislative Assembly. This article allows the Legislative Body to appoint a special commission to investigate matters of national interest.

There is no secret that members of ARENA, FMLN, and PDC believe that the executive branch of President Nayib Bukele is not being truthful with information pertinent to the pandemic.

“We see the urgency of creating a Commission that contributes to greater control over the management of the pandemic; it arises from the need for health authorities to present a National and municipal Plan for the management of the pandemic.”
Nidia Diaz, FMLN.

Schafik Handal, representing the department of Usulatan gave his opinion regarding the need for the commission.

“We are obliged to create this special commission given the attitude of the officials, an attitude of confrontation, and hiding information. They do not want to be held accountable and do not want to be questioned.”
Schafick Handal, FMLN.

The commission is made up of Emilio Corea (ARENA) as president; Elizabeth Gomez (FMLN) as secretary, and Jorge Mazariego (PDC) as rapporteur. Julio Fabián (ARENA), Rina Araujo (FMLN), and Lourdes Vigil (GANA) are the other members of the special commission.

President Nayib Bukele twitted the following question; Another Special commission? While Guillermo Gallego, a GANA member and supporter of Nayib Bukele, stated the following.

Once again, the malignant duo of the FMLN and ARENA have confirmed another special commission. From all the special commissions that they have created, this is the most absurd. When the pandemic arrived, the entire world was not prepared. Nonewhitstanding, President Bukele was a pioneer taking the best actions needed. As a result, we have had a low number of deaths; also, we have the lowest number of infected compared to other nations.
Guillermo Gallegos.

The legislative assembly has created multiple special commissions to investigate the Nayib Bukel administration.