Social organizations to protest on September 15 against the Bukele administration

By Karla Ramos  |  Aug 29th, 2023
Press conference
Bloque de Resistencia Y Rebeldía Popular.

September 15 is one of the most significant dates in Salvadoran history; it was the day El Salvador became an independent nation. Salvadorans all over the country will participate in civic events to commemorate the day; however, this date is also used by civil society organizations to march and protest against the government, and this year will not be an exception.

Social organizations of civil society announced they will be marching on September 15 at different points in the Capital city, San Salvador. The block of resistance and popular rebellion (Bloque de Resistencia Y Rebeldía Popular) made the announcement yesterday at a press conference.

The September 15 march is to protest against the Bukele administration’s decisions, such as the State of Exception, Bitcoin, and the re-election bid of Nayib Bukele.

Let no one take away our hope of building a society with justice, a society without barriers and political prisoners, a society without hunger and security, and a society without abuse of power by the government and big business. Bloque de Resistencia Y Rebeldía Popular.

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Walter Raudales, the President of the Salvadoran Left Movement (MIS), participated in the press conference and called on those unhappy with the Bukele administration to participate in the September 15 protest.

It is important to express ourselves and that no Salvadoran dissatisfied with government policies stays at home. We are going on the 15th to celebrate independence but also to express our discontent and make it hard for the re-election, which is unconstitutional and illegal, as well as for the high cost of living, unemployment, a suffocating economy and the collapse the country is in.” Walter Raudales.

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Francisco Parada, coordinator of the Bloque de Resistencia y Rebeldía Popular, mentioned that they will seek to make a high call with different sectors of society at the national level to express themselves against policies implemented by the current government.

According to the block of resistance and popular rebellion, the march will leave on September 15, at 8 in the morning, from Cuscatlan Park to Civic Square to commemorate one more year of our independence but also to express rejection of the human rights violations committed during the State of Exception.

The call for the march is supported by other organizations in El Salvador, including the Movement of Victims of the Regime, MOVIR; Committee of Political Prisoners and Dams of El Salvador, COFAPPES; University Movement of Critical Thinking, MUPC; Movement for the Defense of the Earth; Salvadoran Left Movement and others.