Salvadorans Can Vote With an Expired DUI in the 2024 Elections

By Karla Ramos  |  Dec 12th, 2023

The Legislative Assembly approved a transitional decree to allow Salvadorans to vote with an expired Salvadoran Unique Identity Document (DUI) in the national territory in the 2024 elections.

The transitional decree was approved during today’s plenary session, with 77 deputies voting in favor and three abstaining.

This decree guarantees that any Salvadorans in the national territory who have expired DUIs can vote in the upcoming elections. Salvadorans living abroad are already able to vote with an expired DUI.

We continue to guarantee the right to vote for the next 2024 elections. This day, we approve transitional provisions so that your DUI is valid and you exercise your right to vote, regardless of whether it has already expired or is about to expire. Deputy Marcela Pineda.

“No Salvadoran should be left without participating in this civic celebration,” noted Deputy Pineda.

Deputy Alexia Rivas asserted that legally, there are already “control mechanisms in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to provide that guarantee of transparency in these next elections.”

The right to active voting cannot be limited by the expiration of a document. We know that there are personal situations that have made it impossible for Salvadorans to go and renew their DUI. Deputy Alexia Rivas.

As per data from the National Registry of National Persons (RNPN), approximately 569,921 individuals have expired DUIs. Through this initiative, they will have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights legally and without complications in the 2024 elections.

Early this year, the right-wing political party ARENA proposed that Salvadorans within the territory could also vote with expired documentation; however, the ARENA proposal did not obtain the necessary votes.

Belloso urged the legislators supporting the government to “propose an initiative (for subsidizing DUI renewals) because people not only require the document for voting but also need it unexpired for other uses.”

The FMLN deputy also accused the New Ideas deputies of having electoral purposes with the transitional decree.

Jaime Guevara, the head of the FMLN faction, warned that this decree “adds to the possibilities of fraud that have been conspiring.”