Salvadoran State of Exception has created a human rights crisis, reiterates Amnesty International.

By Eddie Vasquez  |  Aug 29th, 2022
Amnesty internationalAmnesty international.

“The Salvadoran government must stop its abuse of human rights!” Wrote Amnesty international in one of its official accounts, a few days after the Salvadoran legislature extended the State of Exception for the fifth time.

In El Salvador, the State of Emergency, imposed by the government of Nayib Bukele and renewed for the fifth time, has created a human rights crisis. Instead of addressing the root causes of violence, the government has created the perfect storm.” Erica Guevara, Americas Director of Amnesty International.

The State of Exception started on March 27th, 2022, after a spike in homicides. Since then, it has been extended five times, and over 50,000 suspected gang members have been arrested.

Amnesty International has claimed that “people from poor and marginalized communities are being arbitrarily arrested.” Amnesty International also contends that the detainees are held without sufficient food or fresh air in extreme conditions.

More than 60 people arrested under the State of Exception have died while in custody in congested Prisons. The Salvadoran prisons were already congested even before adding over 50,000 people.

To decongest the Salvadoran prisons, the government is constructing a mega-prison that could house up to 40,000 inmates in Tecoluca San Vicente.

The Salvadoran government has used the State of Exception to trample all over Salvadoran’s rights.” Amnesty International.

Apolonio Tobar, the Attorney for the Salvadoran Defense of Human Rights, stated in a recent TV interview that they had confirmed the existence of abuses in at least 7 out of 173 cases reported during the first month of the emergency regime.

However, local organizations such as Cristosal argue that the number of cases is much larger. According to a Gato Encerrado article, “Cristosal had received 2,700 complaints from victims of violations of their rights.”

There is mounting evidence that El Salvadoran authorities have been committing serious human rights violations since adopting a state of emergency on March 27th, 2022.” Cristosal.

Members of the Bukele administration have said that this Regimen is a necessary tool to fight gangs. Also, they will continue to ask for 30-day extensions until all gang members are arrested. Homicides in El Salvador have reached new lows during the State of Emergency.

Deputies aligned with the president have declared that they will continue to approve any request for extension by President Bukele and his security Cabinet. Also, some of them don’t care about prison conditions at the moment.

I am not worried about overcrowding in prisons; in fact, I tell them that if they are going to put 50 where only 5 fit, I have no problem. The new prison will soon be there. We should care about Salvadorans who are correct and honest.” Deputy Romeo Auerbach of GANA.